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nursery set up for foster care?

DH and I start MAPP classes in about 2 weeks, I'm so excited to move on to the next step of our journey. As we start going through classes,  I want to start setting up our nursery but...I'm not sure what to put in it. We are open to kids age 0-6, either gender, and up to two siblings. So we're looking at the possibility of cribs or beds (bunk beds?)

We only have one spare room, so it needs to be versatile. Any suggestions? Anything I should shy away from? This is probably ridiculous, but does the foster system have an opinion about bunk beds? 

I'm wondering if I should just set it up with beds and have a crib in storage that I can pull out if needed. Also, do I go with gender neutral bedding or just have a set for boys and a set for girls?

Any help would be great!

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  • My dh and I are foster parents. We have a twin bed in our "kid room" and our agency supplied the crib for our 15mth old foster son. So there is a crib and a bed in his room. I did most of the decorating before we got him, I kept the room neutral for the most part. The walls were already blue, so I added green, yellow, grey and orange. I think it turned out really cute! I would probably hold off on bunk beds, jmo:
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  • I would maybe probably do two beds, neutral sheets (which can be used as spares later), and then maybe if you have the ability- when you bring the child(ren) home let them pick out a cheap bed in the bag set at kmart or walmart that they like, to make it feel homey for them?

    Cribs are expensive, but perhaps a pack and play that you can store under one of the beds when not in use would work?

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  • When we set up our nursery for the foster kiddos, we were open to two kids aged infant to 5 years.  We ended up with a crib that would be convertible to a toddler bed and a twin bed with a trundle.  The trundle bed does not count as a bed since it isn't permanent.  I would also caution you about the bunk beds since I believe some states don't allow children under 6 on the top bunk.  So you may not be able to utilize that extra bed, which could be annoying.  We were annoyed about the trundle since we bought it before finding out it didn't qualify.

    We stayed with a gender neutral and age neutral theme.  Really we just used bright colors and used our dog Rudy as our inspiration.

    Here's a link to the nursery tour on my blog.   

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