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So I had my first app with the psychologist and family dr. After an hour and a half she said I could really benefit from taking Zoloft. A fear I had before going in. I was skeptical and feel like they say that to everyone. I'm nervous about meds and side effects. She said its like risk management to feel better or potentially stay the same/get worse. I don't know what todo.
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Re: Zoloft

  • I take 100 mg of Zoloft currently. I was really hesitant to take medication, but it seriously has made a huge difference in my life. I feel so much better. There were some side effects for me-for the first few weeks I was really nauseous (I actually thought I was pregnant!) and couldn't eat. Those effects subsided after about a month, and now the only side effect I have is night sweats. 

    Ultimately, it's up to you to decide. Every person is different, and reacts to medication in different ways. I was convinced medication wouldn't work for me, but now, I couldn't imagine not taking it. Good luck! 

  • I take Zoloft, as well. I've been on it for a month now, and it is amazing how much better I feel. The only side effect I have is it makes me really tired, so I take it at night because that usually wears off after a few hours. Other than that, I haven't had any problems. Like PP said, everyone is different and I know someone else who was on Zoloft and it didn't work for them at all. So you need to decide what's right for you.
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  • If you feel like there's a problem (not sure if you're dealing with depression, anxiety or both) ... enough of a problem that you sought help ... I think you should try the medication.

    Be aware that psych meds can be a trial and error process. Sometimes you have to try a few before you find one that works. Sometimes the first one works. And psych meds take time to kick in. You need to give them a couple of weeks to get into your system before making a decision. I've seen too many people try them for a week and give up. You can't do that! 

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  • I took zoloft because i had soul crushing post partum depression when i had my son November 29th- i couldnt get out of bed, i couldnt take care of my baby, my husband and my gramma had to do it all- it was BAD! after two weeks on 50 mgs of zoloft i was back to my old self again! i felt great! one day my son started to cry, i got up changed him, fed him, as if nothing had ever been wrong.  I also have had chronic panic disorder since i was 14 and zoloft also has an antianxiety in it and it helps with that so much! i dont even have to take my xanax anymore! Good luck with everything! I hope it works out for you! Smile
  • I was taking zoloft before I got pregnant due to depression and anxiety.  It really helped me out.  I also plan on getting back on it once I have my baby in July since a history of depression puts me at higher risk for PPD.  If you have never dealt with full on depression before I would definitely suggest it because being a new mom is not the most convenient time to figure what natural things can soothe you. Also, Zoloft is safe for the baby while breastfeeding.  As for side effects, I never had any but a good way to start out is to work your way up to a full dose over a week or two so your body has time to get used to processing it. Start with 25mg then 50mg up to 100mg.
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