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Name stickers for daycare

What are your favorite websites for using the name bubbles or stickers that go on bottles, lunchboxes, etc when sending your LOs off to daycare?

I know of and they have some cute ones, but I wanted to get some recommendations from mom's on what they've used that have that were a good value and held up well through dishwasher and washing machine runs. Thanks!

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  • I have Inchbug orbit labels for cups (and bottles) and a combinations of Name Bubbles and Mabels Labels for everything else. They are all great.
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  • Oliver's labels. I've used them for DD for years. They go through the dishwasher and washing machine with no issues. I've had to peel them off of things I wanted to donate. I got them for DS now too.
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  • For preschool I use Mabel's Labels. I still have some left over that I will use for kindergarten this year.

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  • Thank you.
  • I use NameBubbles for the labels for clothes and bags and have started using them on the girls water bottles.  When they were young and used bottles and sippy cups, I used the inchbug ones.
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