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Hair Loss

I have a beautiful baby girl that will be 5 months this Sunday (march 3rd). Recently I have noticed that I have been losing a large amount of hair. The women i've talked to about this have told me it's fine and you'll be okay, but I am still worried. Normally I have very long curly hair. I know that we are suppose to lose some hair after having a baby, but i'm concerned that I may be losing too much. Or when will it stop? Please help.

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  • I'm a hair stylist and this is very common. I always know when a woman had a baby who is 6mo to a year old because mom has LOTS of short hairs and fly always from the hair that was lost growing back. I have a 3 week old and I am not looking forward to this happening to me, but it will! And it will grow back!
  • You will be able to craft human hair wigs and sell them on Etsy with the amount you'll lose - seriously :)  I suggest investing in a drain cover for your shower so you don't clog it but it gets better lol
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  • It's normal. Hasn't started happening to me yet, but a friend of mine who recently had a baby could literally run her hand through her hair and come away with huge clumps every single time, one right after the other.
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