Late Term and Child Loss

Message I posted on my Local Board

I forgot what posting on a real board might be like. I first answered a question about a local photographer. Of course I recommended who took our pictures and then I posted. Well now that I have a fully-functioning profile with a siggy and everything I completly forgot to add a siggy warning! I've never had to do that and it felt totally strange when I went back in to edit my post.

My purpose was to recruit walkers/runners for Lillian's Leprechauns for our charity team coming up.

It's weird but I keep thinking of it as the "Land of the Living' right now. I'm only 5 mths in, but I don't know how to find balance. I"ve managed to take off or work from home every 27/28th so far, and I don't think I can this month and it relaly blows.

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