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Hi All,

 I just found out I'm pregnant (yay) and needed some recommendations on the best OB's in the Chapel Hill/Durham area.  We recently moved here from Florida and I haven't found an OB/GYN since the move. I'm lost. lol.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. :) Thank you!

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Re: OB in Durham/CH area

  • I went to Durham OB and LOVED them!! All the drs and staff were great! They deliver at Durham Regional-had a wonderful experience there.
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  • thank you! I'll take a look at their practice.   
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  • I went to Harris & Smith for a long time while living in Chapel Hill and liked them a lot. Dr. Choi is very good. 
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  • I go to Durham OB as well.  I really like the practice.  My main Dr is Dr Jarvis, but I've seen several others and have been happy with all of them.

     I suffered a miscarriage last spring while I was a patient at Chapel Hill OBGYN and I left the practice because of the way that they handled it.  I'm much much happier at Durham OB.  I'll be delivering at Durham Regional hopefully within the next few weeks :)

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  • Thanks everyone for the feedback! Nice to hear from other mommies in the area. Turns out our preferred network is UNC hospital and UNC Timberlyne OB/GYN. Anyone familiar with that group? I have a phone interview with them next week.
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  • I've been going to Women's Health Alliance (previously Durham Women's Clinic) since before I became pregnant with my first. It's a wonderful practice with an amazing staff. I honestly love everyone there. The recently began a midwifery program that I took advantage of with my most recent pregnancy. I highly recommend that. You meet as a group with other couples who are due around the same time you are and the group is led by a midwife. It's awesome! They deliver at Durham Regional, which I also can't say enough good things about. I had a csection with my first & a VBAC with my second...fantastic experiences both times. Let me know if you have any questions.

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  • imagecandylandycane:
    Thanks everyone for the feedback! Nice to hear from other mommies in the area. Turns out our preferred network is UNC hospital and UNC Timberlyne OB/GYN. Anyone familiar with that group? I have a phone interview with them next week.

    I go to UNC OB and love them.  I left a practice in Raleigh after my daughter was stillborn and have been at UNC through my pregnancy with my son and my current one.  All the doctors there really listen and I feel they will do whatever they can to help you and make you feel more comfortable.  I primarily see Dr. Howell but I havn't really met one there I didn't care for.  They are very attentive and don't make you feel rushed.  They also have top of the line ultrasound equipment and everything else. 

    When I was in labor with my son, they had a wireless monitor I was able to use so I could move around and even get in the shower if I wanted to.  I wanted a natural birth and the staff there really stood by my decision and didn't even mention anestesia (sp?) to me.  I had a great experience and they definetly have top of the line care. When I was 28 weeks with my son I started to go into preterm labor and they were able to stop it but they also introduced me to a team of doctors that were "my team" should he decide to come early (we were blessed that that didn't happen).     

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  • I use Durham OBGYN, I had to see one of the Harris doctors from the other practice one time, and didn't care much for him.
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  • Big fan of Duke Women's Health Associates.  They deliver at Duke

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  • I've heard great things about UNC Timberlyne OB/GYN - 2 of my neighbors were so happy w/ them that I have been considering switching and I'm 32 weeks - not a good time to switch.  
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  • I'm expecting my first and heard great things about delivering at WakeMed Cary.  I'm looking for a good OB that delivers there… unless there are overwhelming recommendations to deliver somewhere else.

    Has anyone heard anything about Cary OBGYN?  They are part of the Women's Health Alliance. 

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