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when do they go back to school!

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Re: when do they go back to school!

  • They seem to cancel snow these days at the drop of a hat. And I'm flabbergasted at my friends who are parents who get outraged when school ISN'T canceled because they feel it's too dangerous to transport the kids to school.

    I seem to remember only getting school canceled for snow if a) there was a blizzard; b) the snow accumulation was late enough that it was timed so that the plows couldn't clear the roads before 10:30 or so.

    Otherwise, we went to school and/or had a delay. That was it.

    We're supposed to get snow here in Maine Saturday night/Sunday morning starting around midnight and then going through Sunday. There's no reason the plows can't have the roads cleared in time for school on Monday. Seriously... I'll feel your pain for you if they cancel...

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  • I live in Texas and if they even think there is a possibility of snow or ice, school is canceled LOL!  I grew up in Minnesota though and like Daniele, school was almost never canceled.  One time we had a blizzard which dropped 29" in a day, and all that happened was we went to school 2 hours late.

     I can see where you'd be getting cabin fever with all of your kids home!  I work and I do sometimes envy moms who get to stay home with their kids, but I also know they have it harder for certain things.  Staying home and working both have their pros and cons.  I hope the kids get back to school tomorrow!


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