Pregnant after 35


So the ultrasound tech told me my left ovary was responsible for the egg weird thing to share, but off and on the entire 11 weeks, I've had a twinge or slight pain on that side about where that ovary would be. I don't remember this with my first. Anyone else relate to this? Dr didn't seemed terribly concerned the last time I mentioned it.

Re: Twinge/pain

  • I had an ovarian cyst found with the u/s on the side the egg released with my first pregnancy early on.  My OB said this was not unusual, and that sometimes that happens due to it producing extra hormones to maintain the pregnancy until the placenta is up and running.  I wouldn't worry about it, and it should go away relatively soon.

    **DD1 - 7/9/98**

    **DS - 11/9/00**

    **DD2 - 4/30/13**

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