Pregnant after 35

9 weeks tomorrow, and I just feel like POOP!

Ok, I've been through this before, but I just don't remember feeling this awful when I was pregnant with DS. I'm nauseous ALL THE TIME, headaches, hot, cold, hot, cold, tired and all around grumpy! Maybe it is because I am 4 years older, but I am not one of those "glowing" pregnant ladies this time around.  Unless the "glowing" can come from sweat!  Thanks for letting me vent!
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Re: 9 weeks tomorrow, and I just feel like POOP!

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  • Week 9 was really hard for me too. Weeks 9-10 were really the worst of the whole 1st trimester. Hope things get better for you too!
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  • Sorry you are feeling so bad.  I was the same way and am only just now seeing a little relief on the nausea in week 14.  That is when it stopped for me with my son as well (he's 5 now).  I have twins, so I think maybe that made it that much worse this time.  I was taking zofran and phenegran.  I now take one zofran in the am (I was taking 2/day) and I take the phenegran when I am desperate.  It helps more, but makes me so tired, which isn't good at work. 

     If you are that miserable, don't hesitate to ask the OB for a script and see if it helps.  Zofran tends to help more with the puking, which wasn't my issue.  I puked a few times, but it was the constant nausea that was killing me.  The phenegran has helped a lot with that. I still feel miserable, but it was more bearable.

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  • I feel like an old lady. So tired. It makes me feel guilty that I don't have more motivation. My couch is my best friend. Trouble is we are moving at the end of the month and I need to pack and clean.
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  • I'm so glad you wrote this!  I just turned 8 weeks, and last week was the worst yet.  I have been nauseated constantly and just moody as heck.  I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one.  Like another mom-to-be, I'm also moving in the next few weeks, so it's been torture.  I, too, am not glowing at all.  I'm hoping it'll be easing up soon.
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