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Flying internationally

What is the youngest a baby can fly internationally?

 We are thinking of visiting home when the baby is 3 months old. Is this too little?!

 My husband can take  the time off then and the airfares are great! I am concerned about babies health. It is a 22-24 hour flight.  

Re: Flying internationally

  • It is not too little, we flew between the UK and US when our son was 3 months. You do know that you have to pay a percentage for a lap child internationally right? It is usually 10% plus taxes.
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  • Thanks. Yes the fees I am aware of. I'm just unsure about vaccinations and flying. I want to keep the little guy healthy. 
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  • Just flew from Europe to the US with 5 week old twins.  They did great and slept the whole time.  
  • We flew at 3 months, just wanted to go after the first vaccinations and it was fine : there's no real restriction on age though, as long as you have the baby's passport
  • Thanks, ladies!
  • imageGalLaura:
    Thanks, ladies!
    ygpm :
  • I'd much rather fly with a 3 month old than a toddler!! As others have said - he'll likely sleep most of the time.

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