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Left sided pain

So I just noticed increased pain on my lower left side. It feels too low to be GI related. Maybe I've just been reading way too much into everything bad that could happen but is this a sign of an ectopic pregnancy? My first dr. appt. isn't for another 3 weeks.

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  • I've been having side pain too!  and cramps similar to period cramping. I have had several miscarrages before so this is really freaking me out. Hope yours gets better.
  • I think you should call your doc and demand an earlier appointment - an ectopic pregnancy can wreck your tubes OR WORSE!  Seek medical attention!
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  • Pregnant with baby number 6 here and I will say yes call your doc but to reassure you it can very likely be round ligament pain.
  • after i had my second child i had the same pain and found out it was an ectopic pregnancy had to have part of my left ovary removed. very scary i would get checked out
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