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fewer symptoms?

anybody this week feeling a few less symptoms than last week? Last weekend I had some cramping, bloated etc.. This week my only real symptom is I'm super tired and indigestion a little.
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Re: fewer symptoms?

  • I'm actually experiencing the same thing, however, I think we better enjoy it.  Week 6 is coming fast and that is V-Day for most pregnant women (vomit day).  Not looking forward to that!  Good luck and hold on to the LACK of symptoms for as long as your body will allow.Wink



  • Yes! I am having less symptoms too! I was queasy and had super smelling powers, and cramping last week, but this week I am just a bit tired and have sore boobs. Feeling good other than that! I heard week 7 may be rough. :)
  • I haven't really had many symptoms other than major bloating, lower back pain, and I'm super tired all the time.
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  • Yes!  I totally freaked out when I woke up one morning a few days ago and didn't feel too bloated or any cramping.  But the my DH googled it and found that it is common for symptoms to come and go.  Just to be sure, I took another pregnancy test (my fourth one) and it still came back positive :)  I'm sure there will be more in the coming weeks.
  • I had the cramping and fatigue. The cramping has gone away, but I'm still tired and peeing more drinking more water too. Other than that, I've had no other symptoms. If I wasn't so regular I never would have thought I was even pregnant.
  • Oh, thank god, it's not just me! Last week, I had some nice morning sickness that lasted all day and I was miserable. This week, I am just tired with some pack pain and you know, the wondrous amounts of peeing. 
  • Glad to see that I'm not the only one that doesn't have any "symptoms".  I just received my second positive pregnancy with second round of IVF (1st round resulted in pregnancy but lost before 5 week appt).  Tomorrow is my 5 week ultrasound and I am super nervous!!!   My friends that have all been pregnant keep talking about how sore their boobs were this early, and I practically have no soreness, trying to stay positive for my appt tomorrow.
  • I feel the same way, It's really strange, I know that I am pregnant for sure, but I dont feel anything except tired. I have no pains in my chest and no more cramping. I dont go for my first office visit until 4/8. Good luck to everyone :)
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