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  • AAGGH! Love the pic of W!!

    I'm procrastinating cleaning up from dinner. But I hate to wake up to a sink full of dishes.

    Let's see, what's new? We registered JT for preschool in September. 2 days a week for 2 hours. It's a co-op so tons of parent involvement. And cheap. Both things I like. He's been peeing on the potty every day at least once, sometimes more. I can't wait for the snow tomorrow! He loves it (from the little bit we've had) and I want to ride down our front lawn (it's a hill) in his tube and sled.

    With Timmy, he just went in the Jumperoo for the first time today. Crazy, it was JT's favorite toy and now we are reusing it. It's so awesome and sad at the same time. He didn't jump yet but neither did JT the first time. Can't wait til he's hopping like a crazy bunny in that thing. He's so cute.

    And JT is so terrible with his whining and tantrums...can I press rewind for a bit??

    My little brother is getting married next year. He and I are so close (he's 24) and I'm thrilled about it. Wedding is at the Jersey shore so I hope that clean up by 2014.


  • Thats so cute about the Jumperoo!!! I actually sold mine this past summer because we dont have much storage.  Whitney screamed bloody murder when the lady from craigslist came to pick it up.  She loved that thing, and I hope T gets a ton of use out of it!!  That was one of my favorite items.

    Good job JT about using the potty!! Yesterday Whitney told me she had to go 3 times, which was a record.  One time, they were about an hour apart and her diaper was dry...so maybe in the next few weeks we will get her some underwear and get more serious about it. Im not pushing it, but not buying diapers would be pretty cool :-)

    Whining and tantrums are also huge around here. Im reading the Toddler Whisperer book backwards and forwards a thousand times, but this is a very trying time. Today I am actually looking forward to bedtime!

     Started library story time, and she was not great, but not bad.  I think we will continue to go weekly just for the exposure and she will get the hang of it. Shes on the young side, but I know its good for us to get out.

    So exciting about the wedding!!! Can't wait to see what you will wear!

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  • Not to much going on around our house.  Staying at home with Patrick and I have two twins girls and soon to come little boy for daycare. 

    DH is applying for a new job position/program at his work.  The hours would be a lot better (not night shift and no weekends) but he'd lose almost all of the overtime he has been getting.  Even though he will be making a little more per hour, he'd be bringing home less each week.  We are praying about it a lot since DH is our main source on income and the "paycut" would be very difficult until DH gets farther along in the program.  He would get a pay increase every 6 months.

     I'm 23 weeks along with Peanut.   Had my GT test on Friday and still waiting for the results.  I had GD with Patrick and I'm pretty sure I'll have it again.  We don't know what Peanut is but have names picked out; Colin Robert or Evangeline Ann.  Just need to paint the nursery and clean everything good before Peanut comes in June. 

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