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Prayers please...

I'm 34 weeks right now and they started growth scans 2 weeks ago due to my low weight gain. LO was in the 15th percentile when I got measured at 32 weeks and this week he only measured in the 5th percentile. They are referring me to a maternal-fetal high risk place to get an anatomy scan with measurements and such. She said it could just be that he is small because I'm small, but they have to check the placenta and cord and make sure there isn't anything genetic or anatomical going on with him, and then I suppose I'll continue to be monitored to make sure he doesn't stop growing at some point. I'm really scared they are going to find something wrong at this ultrasound, which isn't scheduled until Monday. I can't believe I have to get through the weekend worrying about this!

I did call and ask them to call me today or tomorrow if there are any cancellations. I'm just praying there is nothing seriously wrong and that he is just small since I'm small. I'm also not mentally or emotionally prepared for them to tell me I need to deliver early. My last pregnancy was so textbook that I have been kind of lax about preparing for the arrival this time around. I have nothing done yet! Any prayers for good news would be appreciated. I was so shocked to hear the results of todays ultrasound b/c I was not expecting them to tell me that. So, naturally now I"m really worried about this next ultrasound. Thanks!

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  • Sending good thoughts your way
  • Many thoughts and prayers!
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  • (((Hugs))) Hang in there. I know it's tough, but just take a deep breath. It's likely everything if fine and they are just being extra cautious. Where are you delivering/which peri group is it?

    If it makes you feel any better, I've essentially done nothing for this LO and I'm 34 weeks also. As long as you've got a carseat, a place for baby to sleep, and something to feed baby, everything else will fall into place.  :-) 

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  • Sending tons of good thoughts.

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  • Thinking of you, let us know how the appointment goes!  
  • Prayers that everything is fine and they are just being extra cautious. Don't worry about being ready. I had everything set 2 weeks before Sophie was born and she still kicked my buttlol! Wished I had just relaxed a little those last few weeks :






  • Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.
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  • Sending many thoughts and prayers!
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  • Thinking about you!!  Sending positive thoughts your way!
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  • TP to you and baby.
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  • Sending prayers!



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  • T&Ps that all is well with the LO.

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