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call pedi?

DS has some sort of cold with an on and off fever, cough, runny nose, and I think today tried to tell me his throat hurts. I have a cold too where it's an itchy sore throat. Would you let this go on it's own? Or make an appt? I'm always afraid these will turn into ear infections so I tend to call..
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Re: call pedi?

  • If you suspect any kind of sore throat or ear pain, I'd call. Better to go in and find out everything is find and it's just a cold than to wait out a possible sore throat and have it turn out to be strep.
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  • I wouldn't call or go in at this point.  If his fever gets up to 102-103, call the nurse line, or if he hasn't improved in a week or so maybe.  That's just me though!

    ETA: And part of that is because my health insurance is so bad it'd cost me $150 to go in and have them tell me he's fine.  Worst.


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  • Unless DD has a consistent fever for 24 hours I don't usually go in. 

    That said, if she's had a nasty runny nose for a few days and isn't quite acting herself I take her in. Twice now she's had asymptomatic double ear infections. 

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  • I'm the type of parent who generally lets things run their coarse, unless I think DD is sick enough that she needs to be seen.  DD has had three sick appointments thus far if that tells you anything.  

    So at this point, I wouldn't do anything.  But trust your instincts, if something seems off, take him in. 

  • I don't take DD in unless her fever is high (like 103 or more) and/or she seems to be in pain (or like her last virus, where she was 103 with vomiting - it didn't seem like a normal virus to me so I did take her, but it turned out that's all it was).  It sounds like you two have the same thing.  If he doesn't seem to be getting better after 4 days or so, I think it wouldn't be unreasonable to take him in though.
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  • If he is prone to ear infections & has a history of getting them frequently with/after a cold, I would probably take him in esp if sleeping is an issue... I tend to hold off on most things but having two kids who went through ear infections phases after all stuffy noses/colds, I started just takign them if I even suspected it- at my house this usually mean maybe a fever, but almost always wakign & crying at night, etc.


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