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8 weeks prego and Stressed!

I found out I am pregnant my youngest son is going to be 8 in a few days, I was told I couldnt have kids anymore due to health reasons.

In Aug 2012 I had gastric bypass surgery.

Dec 31 2012 New years eve day I hadnt had a period in awhile and thought I better just check because I had planned on Getting drunk and having a blast but couldnt stop thinking I was really late even though I know the docs told me I couldnt get preg and my doc who did my surgery said my periods may come and go as I lose weight (I have lost 87 lbs) but I had to be sure, and sure enough it said positive I was floored and in shock I took 8 more total of 9 and 7 said positive and one said nothing and the last one was negitive. I made an apt with my family doc who told me I couldnt get pregnant she did a preg test said it was negitive. I went home still didnt drink thinking okay maybe its because my stomach had been hurting due to the fact I had been drinking on the weekends so I gave up booze a few weeks later my boobs hurt bad so bad the nipples were so huge they looked like they were going to bust open all ER doctors working were floored 4.5 hrs of tests and cat scans and all they dyes for mri and everything come to find out I was pregnant!

so I found an OBGYN and went and was seen 3 days after hospital visit he confirmed with internal sonagram I was pregnant and everything looked normal however I am high risk because I am not 100% healed from bypass surgery. I am worried since I cant hardly eat my child will not grow right or get everything it needs to come out healthy I am also worried about everything that could go wrong again because I am not healed from surgery.

 Sorry for unloading I do feel better telling someone why I am so dang stressed


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