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Uterine Fibriods

I was told 2 1/2 years ago that I had Uterine Fibroids. We're now on cycle 6 ttc, it only took 2 for DD, so I'm wondering if I should call doctor now to schedule appt to have this checked? Should I wait another month til its officially 6 months? I'm getting anxious!

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    If you're over 35, I'd go ahead and get the app't booked. That's what I did- just scheduled it for the middle of cycle 6. I also have fibroids, and have no kids yet and never yet a BFP.
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    I believe it's an easy fix, if this is the problem.
    Thanks for the response and good luck to you!
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    I would schedule, its a known issue, so if you have them they could be go ahead and schedule.

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    It depends where the fibroids are and how big they are. Most women have fibriods after age 30. Sometimes that can be left alone. I had 7cm, 6cm, and 5cm fibroids that were intramural. A hysteroscopy and subsequent MRI showed that they were distorting the shape of my uterus. An ultrasound does not give enough information! I had to have them surgically removed via a mini laparotomy. It's fixable but kind of a big deal least in my case. Like I said, it totally depends on location and size. Surgery is NOT always necessary.


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    schedule an appointment!
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    Thank you all for the advice. I have an appointment next week.
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