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Update on my LO

We had an appt today with an ophthamalogist and he discovered she has a cataract that will require surgery.  So we are scheduled for surgery next Wednesday.  I am so scared and nervous about her having surgery.  Please send T&P our way.
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Re: Update on my LO

  • I am so sorry to hear that. I hope that everything goes well.


  • Oh no I'm sorry to hear that - here's hoping she breezes through surgery and heals up so quickly, it's almost like it never happened! ((hug))
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  • I'm sorry to hear this, but I hope this surgery does the trick! My friend's boy had to have tear duct surgery before he was 1 year old and he did great with it.

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  • starlee, so sorry to hear your sweet baby needs surgery, but sending all kinds of good vibes and hugs your way that everything goes wonderfully and that this will give your daughter perfect vision from here on out.
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  • Sending good thoughts your way. Hope the surgery goes well!
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  • So sorry to hear that!  I am sure all will be fine though.  It's so hard when they are that little, I totally get it.  Keep us posted!
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