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Postpartum Depression

Looks like I will be joining you

I just went to the Doctor on Friday and she says I have PPD. So she has me on the lowest dose of one medication and I'm supposed to check back in a couple weeks to see how it's working out. 

I don't know anyone with depression and this is the first time I have been diagnosed with it, so this is all new to me. I really hope I start feeling more like myself. It's so hard to take care of two little ones when I don't feel like doing anything but laying in bed.

Do any of you see a correlation with the stress in your life and your depression? Because I have been feeling really terrible for the past few weeks and I have been very stressed out about finances and such since I can't find a job. I wish I could stop worrying, but I just can't. Maybe the medicine will work.  

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Re: Looks like I will be joining you

  • Stress does contribute to depression; especially when your under pressure. You may feel spread thin or like your spinning your wheels. I get stressed about finances myself. Worrying doesn't help anything even though its hard not to. The meds should help that; but they take time to build up to a therapeutic effect.
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