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Can OCD just appear suddenly?

Yesterday, DS kept insisting that his face was sticky and wiped it with the washcloth so many times that he chapped his chin. He is doing it again today, and has added in his hands. Five minutes of scrubbing his face and hands after a very neat breakfast that he didn't actually get dir ty during. We just had a big post lunch battle about a napkin being sufficient. His chin is bright red and his cheeks are getting that way too.

He does have some rather large anxiety problems, but they haven't ever manifested in this way before. We are on a waiting list but he likely has a HFA or similar diagnosis coming his way too.

Re: Can OCD just appear suddenly?

  • Thank, that's what I thought. We are, unfortunately, waiting for our first therapist appointment too. It took more than a year to get DH on board with seeking help.

    I think the anxiety is really entrenched. As a young toddler, we used to talk about how he was scared of the entire world.
  • On the subject of rumination, do you find it is best to give fair warning for events that might trigger meltdowns (a trip to get a flu shot for instance) despite the possibility that he could work himself into a lather before we even arrive? I honestly don't know the solution to this. Telling him ahead of time renders him almost completely non functional. Surprising him seems like it would lead to a lack of trust.
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  • We have worked through several fears with desensitizing, but it seems like it is always just as hard with the next one. I am not sure he has the ability to compare situations yet. We have found that giving him some sort of control over the fear definitely works the best, but as his fears become more complicated and involve other people, instead of simple things like toilets flushing, it gets trickier. That first therapy appointment can't come soon enough.

    Yes, he has started having meltdowns in school. His teacher talking to me about it was what finally spurred DH to accept that it wasn't just me exaggerating a small problem.

    What is CBT?
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