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Celadon Road: Opinions

Hello!  I am thinking about becoming a consultant for Celadon Road, as a way to bring in some extra money.  I've been considering direct sales for a while now.  I want to be a WAHM to be able to stay home and still take care of the bambinos.  I've looked into the company, and it seems like wonderful product.  I've never used it before, but I'd like to try it before I start (to get a feel for the products).  I'm wondering if anyone else has used it before and what your thoughts are on the products.  Its all eco-friendly/organic and very inexpensive.  They sell everything from cleaning supplies to baby product to health and beauty.  It seems worth it.  Ideas and thoughts?
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Re: Celadon Road: Opinions

  • I am currently a consultant with Celadon Road and I have been for two years. I absolutely love everything about the company and the products. I wasn't organic or Ecofriendly before the company found me. It has saved my sons skin, saved us money because I am now Baggie and paper towel free!! Less doctor appointments and so much more!!! I have many customers and many people that reorder monthly. The laundry detergent is the BEST!!! You can go on my Facebook Page and read what some of my customers have written. Celadon Road by Jill Stover. You can't go wrong with a company that is all about helping our world be a healthier place!! If you have any questions ask the consultant that is helping you! We are a very close group of ladies and we work together to make Celadon Road a household name!
    I wish you the best with what you decide!! Thank you for considering Celadon Road!!
  • Thank you so much for the uplifting comments.  I am seriously considering it and I love what the company stands for.  I appreciate an actual consultant commenting, too (I was hoping I would spark something).  I have been considering starting my own business on the side, too, and Celadon Road is the kind of company and products I would be proud to sell and be a part of.  Thanks, again :)
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