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13 months and not walking or talking - XP

DS will be 13 months old on Sunday. He had his 12 month well baby checkup today (a little late). Pedi asked if he was walking or talking yet. He walks like a champ when he's pushing his little buggy or holding onto our hands, but is not doing so independently yet, preferring to crawl. He can crawl up the entire staircase by himself and is learning how to get down from things that he crawls onto. He does not stand by himself and no words yet either, just lots of babbling with inflection, change in volume, like he's really trying to say something. He can say "mamamama" and "dadadada" but not like he knows what he's saying, in other words not associating those words with me or my husband. He has met all other developmental milestones on time and our pedi told me not to worry, but if by 15 or 16 months he is not walking or saying any words, we may want to have him evaluated. How can I not worry when he says this?

Yes, I know all babies develop at their own pace. I guess I am just looking for some anecdotal evidence that I am not the only one in this boat?



Re: 13 months and not walking or talking - XP

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    I thought the average age for walking is 12 18 months and for simple words was two years old. It doesn't sound like your lo is that far behind. My ds is going to be 13 months on Monday and can say mama and actually just said dada for the first time tonight. He knows who we are if you ask him, he'll turn to look at us or point. He also understands simple requests like go get the ball or give that to daddy and will do it. He took his first steps the day before his first bday but didn't start cruising until about two weeks ago.

    It doesn't sound unusual that your lo is still crawling around and working on speech. My cousin's son didnt talk until 2 1/2 and now at 4 you cant get the kid to be quiet. My friend's daughter refused to even take a step until 18 months and didnt stop after that. Every kid is different. I know it's hard but try not to worry too much and just enjoy your baby.
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  • My almost three year old didn't really start talking until about five months ago. He would say a few words, short sentences and such. Now that he's gotten the hang of it, he's saying new things all the time. He was also a later walker as I think Asher is going to be as well. I would trust your pediatrician and not worry:)
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  • We were told the same for Brooke and Ellie. Personally I wouldn't worry about it as a friend of mine who is a pedi said that they should be walking by 18 months so you have some time.
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  • Thanks ladies, I feel better now.

  • My DD doesn't talk at all either and she certainly doesn't walk.  She can't even pull to standing.  She crawls or kneels.  I'm not worrying about it yet, but we haven't had our 12mo check up yet (she's been sick with a cold and ear infections and there is so much flu the clinic told us to stay home).  I guess I'm planning on asking then.
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  • I really wouldn't worry. Our LO took a while to crawl, and then when she started, really took off and is already beginning to walk, just started talking....

    However, she is really lagging on grown-up food, and still not too keen on it. I just tell myself that she won't be eating baby food in college. She will get to it in her own time. 

    Just like adults, kids do things at their own pace. :):)

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  • In DS's dc, he is one of four 12-13mo old. DS is the only walker and none of them say real words. Even the older 2 in the room next door (15mo?) don't seem to say many words.
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  • I think you are just fine. I've had 2 kids in EI and DD didn't walk till about 15 months. This baby is almost 13 mo. She doesn't even stand alone yet. She says mama and dada and that's it. I'm not too worried.
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