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Dud toys

The post below got me thinking what toys have your kids had that were duds, meaning never played with? For us two come to mind : little people fairy set and playskol bowling set. Both had great reviews. But DD never took to them.

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Re: Dud toys

  • DD had that Little People Fairy set, too.  She never played with it.  She really hasn't played with stuffed animals up until just recently - and she pretty much just likes them to be on her bed.  That's it. 

    Dolls - she sort of plays with them but it's only maybe once a week or so.  I'm thinking she'll grow more into that.

    The Little People Farm - she never played with that much, either.

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  • The FP garage - she had no interest in it. Gave it to a friend and her DD didn't like it either. But its third owner loves it!
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  • The Little Tikes basketball hoop has almost never been used. The ILs bought it and it just collects dust in the corner.

  • Fur Real dog and kids computers. Both would rather play with the Ipad.
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  • Leap Frog Tag.  She would rather me read her a story.
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  • ALL Little People sets - he had the farm, firehouse, airport and fun park, as well as the retro sets in the lunchbox-type containers. Every once in a while I'd find him driving some LP around in a car, and he'd fill the farm silo with random crap, but otherwise they went untouched. Fortunately, the ones I paid for I got crazy cheap on Black Friday deals.

    Also, he loved his own train sets for about a month (Thomas Trackmaster) but you can't pull him away from the wooden ones in TRU and B&N or his cousin's house. Perhaps I made a poor choice there. He has recently started stringing them together again, though he won't put them on the tracks, so I decided not to box them up just yet.


  • Unfortunately, Wii. We bought it as our big family gift for the holidays, along with some kid games, and they have zero interest. I pretty much have lost interest trying to figure out the instructions. What a waste of $.

     My 4 year olds actually love their Little People. I keep thinking they're too old but they still play with those.

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