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What does everyone give their lo's for snacks? I feel like ds needs more of a variety. Usually I give fruit, cheese, yogurt, Cheerios, puffs, and sometimes fruit strips.
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Re: Snacks?

  • That's pretty much what we do. I also could use more suggestions.

  • Cut up fruit and veggies but mostly what you do as well.
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  • DD gets a lot of string cheese (well, one a day usually), clementines, chopped tomatoes and berries.  Recently, I started giving her whole grain crackers with her cheese.  That's about it though.
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    I just read on another site that chopped up hard boiled eggs is another good idea.
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  • It's sort of time consuming but I peel and dice sweet potatoes, butternut squash and apples and bake them til soft. I throw some cinnamon on the apples bites and italian seasoning on the squash and sweet potato.... My son loves these!! I also do hard boiled egg with shredded white cheese...cheerios, puffs,grapes cut into a million pieces, random veggies like green beans too.
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  • Basically what you do, along with applesauce, animal crackers, string cheese, hummus and pita bread, or cereal bars.

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  • I'm glad you asked, I was about to ask the same thing.  When I give a snack I don't want to have to put him in the high chair, get a bib on, cut, prepare, and wipe him down when done.  So for now it's pretty much been puffs and string cheese (he doesn't like cheerios- weird kid).   And cereal bars if we have them.  I tried goldfish with him today and he did ok. Yeah... I'm lazy with the snacks.  


  • You have more variety than we do...currently its puffs, graham crackers, or whatever I'm snacking on--today, that meant cucumbers.
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  • We do everything everyone mentioned plus rice cakes and frozen veggies (and minus the eggs).
  • We don't have a consistent snacktime yet, but he gets pieces of whatever I'm snacking on, such as blueberries, crackers, and yogurt. He sometimes gets some not healthy stuff, like a little bit of cookie or potato chip. But I'm working on snacking healthier so he will too. Probably need to start doing a regular daily snack though.
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  • we kind of do mini-meals or more substantial snacks. here's an example from what we sent to daycare today:

    Breakfast - gluten free waffle, plain whole milk yogurt
    AM Snack - infant cereal mixed with formula, 1/2 banana
    Lunch - some sort of leftovers usually: shredded chicken, vegetables, GF pasta or sweet potatoes
    PM Snack - squash and white bean purree + whatever is left of lunch + fruit
    Dinner - what we're having plus a puree if he can't eat something we're eating.

    we give him cheerios too, mostly just to keep him from freaking out while we're prepping the food he's going to eat! every time he eats, he also has a cup of water. Oh and he's getting one 4-5oz bottle of BM per day too, plus nusing at least 2X a day. (btw, DS is about 25lbs.)

  • A scrambled egg is a go-to for us. Crack the egg in a mug, add a splash of milk, whip up with a fork, and microwave in 15s intervals until done.

    Other than that, we do the same snacks you do. With the guilty pleasure of goldfish.

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  • Cheerios, mini muffins, string cheese, yogurt, fruits, pepperoni, misc lunch meats, gold fish, animal crackers... I think thats about what she gets... Oh and then whatever they do at DC.


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