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Potty Training

All Signs are There, but DD isn't ready?

My DD is 25 months and I feel as though she shows signs she is physically ready to be potty trained, except she is just stubborn and refuses to do it. I am not sure if I should keep trying or just look at it again in a few months. 

She can pull her pants up/down, tells me when she needs a new diaper, can sit on the potty for a long time, wakes up from naps dry, goes pee about every 2-3 hours. She can actually start to pee and stop in midflow, also she can hold it forever! 

I had a 3 days vacation at home to try to potty train. We would go in panties or naked, I let her decide. We had the potty in a very convenient spot. I was laid back and didn't push. I let this be her idea. I had lots of juice and water for her to drink. 

First day, I showed her the baby doll going potty and gave it a treat for going pee pee in the potty. She didn't care. Anyway, she had two accidents, after that she would start to go, stop herself from having a full blown accident and then would just hold it. It took several tries to convince her to just go, but she finally sat and emptied her bladder. Then later on went potty on her own. Then daddy came home and she refused to go potty.  She just flat out held it. 

Second day, she refused to go pee pee in the potty. She would sit on the potty and even start to pee but would hold it. I only let her hold it for 2-3 hours before I finally just put a diaper on her. I have heard it is bad to make a toddler hold it for long periods of time. She did this all day!

Third day, exact same thing as second day. She just would hold it, I even put a diaper on her, she would pee, then she would take her own diaper off. UGH!

I am assuming she isn't ready? Are there any tips? She is just so stubborn! 

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