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Pulling up . . . and falling down

DS has discoved the joy of pulling to a stand on just about anything he can get hold of.  Of course, he has not figured out how to sit back down yet so that leaves him in tears when he gets tired of standing and even more tears when he topples back on his bottom (or head, thankfully so far only on the carpet). So . . . for anyone else whose LOs are doing this, what are you doing to "teach" them to sit?  My husband says I'm being too overprotective by trying to sit behind him in his play area and showing him how to sit.  I know he needs to learn to fall and know he will be okay, but other than just letting him fall down, what else should we be doing?

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Re: Pulling up . . . and falling down

  • Thanks! I've been off TB for a while because of the holidays but I figured someone must be going through this! I'll check out the prior post.  Good luck with your LO!  It sure isn't fun to watch them struggle!
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  • We did nothing to teach her. She figured it out on her own eventually. To keep myself from having a heart attack, I spent a lot of time with her upstairs carpet vs. tile downstairs until she got better at it.
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  • He'll figure it out on his own.
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  • I make a big deal of taking her hands off of whatever she is holding onto and saying "BOOM" when her tush hits the floor. Usually I don't have to, but when I do have to help her, that's what I will do. They don't really have the issue for too long, if my recollection of DD1 is right. They learn what to do pretty quickly. I don't anticipate in a week or two she will even hesitate to fall on her butt, or be able to use her thigh muscles to sit back down.
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