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metopic ridge moms..

I noticed a knot at the top center of my daughter's forehead a couple of days ago, followed by a slight ridge down the center. I visited Dr Google and that was a terrible mistake. I can't see it when I'm holding her, just at a distance. I can not feel a ridge, just see it.

I guess I am looking for some tips of what to look for ?


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Re: metopic ridge moms..

  • My son had a premature fusion of the metopic ridge.  You could feel and see the ridge from his soft spot to the top of his forehead.  His soft spot was small for his age, and closed on the early end.  He did not wind up needing surgery, and now that he has hair you can't see anything atypical.  If you're worried, have your pedi check it out.  They can refer you to a nuerosurgeon if necessary.  That's who ultimately deemed my son's case minor enough to not require surgery.
  • Thank you !

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  • D had plagio and a CT scan at 7 months to rule out pre-mature fusions. It appeared at that time that her metatopic ridge closed early; however since that is the first ridge to as early as 3 months - it was just that. She did do helmet for the plagio and I can still tell (only me though) that she had/has the ridge. Early scans are the only way to know for sure. Crainokids is a great resource.
  • My little guy has one, and I'm considering studying these as a dissertation topic. We noticed it between 6 and 9 months. It is visible and easily palpable. His pedi wasn't concerned, but his pedi also repeatedly suggested that I sit and wait on his language delay even though both the SLP and mommy sides of me were screaming "do something!!!" I did some training with a craniofacial team and both of our surgeons told me that statistically the metopic ridge doesn't appear to be anything more than a cosmetic problem unless there are problems with head shape, which for my guy there aren't. I'm not 100 convinced that a large ridge near my child's frontal lobe doesn't impact him in any way, but for right now the research says what the research says.
  • DS1 has it.  our geneticist noticed it but she said something like 50% of kids have it close early and that generally it's not a concern
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  • My son has one. We noticed it at 3 or 4 months, and he's almost 3 now. It's visible from across the room. We had a CT done at the urging of our pedi and followed up with a cranio-facial dr. She said generally if it wasn't present at birth (we don't remember, but can't see it in pictures), she doesn't worry. She did say that since his is so obvious, if he doesn't grow out of it, she would consider "fixing it" before he starts school. I can't see putting a 4 y/o through surgery for something she said flat out was cosmetic. I will say that every. single. time he falls down, he hits that ridge. I think it may have saved his nose from some bumps, but it definitely doesn't make it less obvious that it always has a bruise or cut on it. 
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