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Flying with 11m/o

Hi there,

I am flying with DD next week, from CA to DC! She is such a busy little girl that I am starting to worry that it is going to be terrible. I really don't want to "drug" her which is ofcourse what her pedi recommended. Do any of you have suggestions? I think that she is too young for any of the kids apps that I could download for my Nook and I don't think she could be entertained by a movie yet, either Sad



Re: Flying with 11m/o

  • I just did it with an 8m old earlier this month.  She is probably more active than Blake is, but we had 2 flights.  The first flight left early in the morning, so he slept for 3hrs of the 4hrs.  The 2nd flight, we were lucky enough to have the seat next to us empty, so he just sat and played with his toys.  The way back was a little more difficult.  We had the short flight first, so he was awake almost the whole time on the 4hr flight.  I tried to entertain him with toys, singing, and bottles.  It was not fun though.  Try to bring as many toys as you can is my only advice, and try to get her to nap on you.  Good luck!
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  • We flew right after thanksgiving, right before DD turned 11mo.  It was a short flight (2.5hrs), but we took lots of toys, books and snacks with us.  The flight out she nursed and played for half the flight and slept the other half.  The flight back was at night.  She nursed and slept the entire flight.  Make sure to bring an extra shirt for each adult and a change of clothes for LO, we were fine on the way out, but on the way home she spit up on me and her diaper leaked on DH.
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  • I'm flying with my 11 month old tomorrow! I am very nervous about it all.  We are going from Iowa to Georgia, so luckily we only have a 2 hr flight.  We bought her a new coloring book and crayons that she has never seen before, some new snacks, and then I'm taking some DVDs for my laptop.  I do plan to give her some Motrin before getting on the plane to keep her ears from hurting her. 
  • I had a couple terrible flights around that age. What helped was snacks, toys that made a little bit of noise, pacifiers that were on the string that clips to her shirt, and when I was lucky enough to be by an empty seat. Good luck!
  • We just flew with my 10.5 month old. I think it was stressful for my husband and me because we didn't want to disturb everyone else.  The snacks were the most helpful for us. I have 1 iPad app that he really likes (NightyNight) so we played that constantly.  He fell asleep for half ofthe flights (4 different flights) which was uncomfortable for us, but it beats screaming. Good luck! 
  • All that was said and we also put his fav baby Einstein onto my surface tablet....this actually saved us towards the end!

  • We flew with DD1 at 9 months. It wasn't the easiest thing we ever did with her, but she slept a lot. The only problem with that was she was very heavy and long, and took up both our laps, which made us uncomfortable. She was a pretty easy baby. DD2 I don't ever want to fly with! She likes to howl for no good reason, so taking her on a flight is like my version of sticking a knife in my eye. Depends on your kid's temperment and how they are feeling on the day. GL!
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