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Am I crazy for having a schedule?

Ok, so I'm with my LO a lot - even though I am back at work - I don't work much and the time that I have been with him - his days are pretty consistent. Yes, there are days where I have to wake him from naps but I want him to do his 'big sleep' at night - not during the day. Plus I want to make sure he is fitting all of his bottles in throughout the day so that he is getting his calories so that he isn't waking up at night to eat. 

 My husband and MIL think I am crazy for having a schedule but it's not completely at this time - this happens. I have times that he should be put down for naps and if he gets tired earlier than that - he can go down earlier. I also have ranges for when he should be woke up and feed if he hasn't woke up on his own. I understand that as he gets older things will change and his waketimes will get longer and I'm in tune with that and so the schedule will change when my LO is ready. 

 Am I crazy?  

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Re: Am I crazy for having a schedule?

  • I agree with the others that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a routine.  I kind of let DS dictate his schedule in the beginning...we didn't really fall into a more structured schedule until way down the road, and even then there is wiggle room, but he is a MUCH happier kid on a schedule!  If it's working, why change it?  

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  • You are doing what's best for your LO.  It is what I do, the goal for the day to feed well, the goal for the night is to sleep well. If your routine or schedule is helping you achieve that, theres nothing wrong or crazy about it. 
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  • Thanks guys! I feel better :)
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