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Excited to be joining you ladies!!!


I wanted to introduce myself.  My husband and I just got our BFP last week.  Our DD just turned 5 months so when LO is born she will 13 months.  We are thrilled that they will be so close in age but obviously nervous about everything that will come with it.  I am glad there is this board to help us navigate this exciting/sometimes crazy journey we are about to embark on.  I want to thank you all in advance for sharing any insite with me along the way!!!!

Here we go!!!!!!! Surprise

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Re: Excited to be joining you ladies!!!

  • We are in the exact same situation. DD is 5 months, and I'm due when she's 13.5 months. Congrats! Hopefully I'll see you on the September board. :)
    Mommy to N (3), J (2), and C (10 months). LO4 is due in mid-September.
  • Oops looks like I still had my DD signature in.  I'm not 60 weeks pregnant... now that would be miserable Wink

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  • Me, too!! DS will turn 1 July 15 and my EDD is July 30th!!
    Loss #1: 18w5d.. D&E 04Mar03 BFP #2: Jun2011.. missed miscarriage. D&C 08Jul2011 8w4d. BFP #3: Nov2011.. Our Rainbow Baby!!! DS Born: 15Jul2012! BFP #4: Nov2012.. 2U1 - DS2 born 12Jul2013.  BFP #5: 01Jan2014..3U3!!



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  • Congrats! The board can be kinda slow but the ladies here are helpful.
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