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  • I'm 37 weeks now and planning on my 2nd VBAC with my MWs :)

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  • I'm here.  I just found out I'm pregnant and hope to have a VBAC this time around.

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  • Its been a while since I have been on here. I needed a break from obsessing about VBACs for a while. :) I started going to my local ICAN meetings, did a lot of soul searching and research, and learned more about what went on that led to my c-section in Feb 2011. I was a wreck during the first half of this pregnancy because I was so upset about possibly having a RCS. I was borderline pre-e with my my first, probable undiagnosed GD, was was induced at 38.5weeks. I got to 10cm and pushing and couldn't puch her out, so to the OR I went. She was 9lbs at birth.

     I just failed my 1 hr GTT so I need to take the 3 hour next. Even if it comes back ok, I am still going to follow a GD diet. I just started working as a nurse in L&D and have learned that a lot of women who fail their 1hr and pass their 3 hr end up with big babies and shoulder dystocia. The place where babies born to moms with GD have a lot of bulk is in their shoulders.

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  • I'm here. Thinking of ttc again in the near future.

    Had a wonderful vbac in January 2012. It was a gorgeous experience. Loved it and ready for another one!  

    DC:#1 10/2006 born at 40 weeks (33 weeks PTL)
    DC#2 born silent at 22 weeks 1.11.11
    Dc#3 born vbac 1/2012 <bra DC#4 born VBAC 3/2014
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