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VBAC check-in!

Who's here these days?  Are you expecting, TTC, someone who has had a VBAC, or just here because you want to learn more about VBAC and we're awesome?

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Re: VBAC check-in!

  • I'm here.  I've had a VBAC, and my plans are for a 2VBAC. 
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  • I'm here!  We are currently TTC and when I do get pregnant, I hope to have a VBAC.
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  • I'm here.  Had a VBAC.  Just hanging out for now.  Probably won't TTC #3 until 2014.
    BFP #1 7/1/2009 ~ EDD 3/9/2010 ~ Ella Adeline (7lbs 4 oz, 19.5 inches) 3/5/2010 csection (39w3d)
    BFP #2 7/13/2011 ~ EDD 3/16/2012 ~Aubree Olivia (9lbs 1oz, 21 inches) 3/15/2012 VBAC (39w6d)
    BFP #3 5/15/2014 ~ EDD 1/16/2015~Addison Isabelle (9lbs, 0oz, 21 inches) 1/25/2015 2VBAC (41w2d)
    BFP #4 7/20/2016 ~ EDD 3/25/2017 ~ Malachi Mathew (10lbs 0oz, 22 inches) 4/4/2017 emergency csection (41w3d)

  • Hello! DH and I are TTC, I'm hoping to test in a couple days if my temps stay awesome. I'm hoping to have a vbac whenever I get pregnant next. I had a csection with my daughter due to failure to progress. (I was induced at 38 weeks because of blood pressure issues.)
  • I'm here. I post and lurk. However, currently pregnant and due the 27th of this month! I'm very hopeful for a successful VBAC! I had an emergency C/S after a failed induction with my DD due to 'Failure to Progress'. Docs are very hopeful though!
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  • Me! Been lurking since my CS almost two years ago because I knew even then that VBAC was for me.

    Now I'm expecting, due in June, and really getting my ducks in a row. :
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  • 9 weeks pregnant with #2- planning a vbac; 2yo dd was an emergency c section.
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  • I'm 27wks with number 2. Plan to VBAC naturally. DD was a cs cuz she wouldn't come out after almost 4 hrs pushing.
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    I'm here! I'm pregnant with #2 and I would love to vbac.  Sadly, I'm most likely not going to get the chance because this baby's placenta is positioned over my c-section scar.  It's moving up, but my anatomy scan showed placental lacunae which are signs of "abnormal placenta adherence."  I'm having another ultrasound with an MFM at 26 weeks so hopefully I will know more then.  If I get any sort of green light to have a trial of labor you better believe I'll be back here reading every single birth story on the blog.  

    Good luck!  Please keep us updated--best wishes for a healthy placenta. 


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  • I've been a lurker for about 2 years, since my 2nd c section in 2010. I have asked a few questions here and there. I am currently 37w2d and praying I get my VBA2C. This board is so full of supportive and informed women, I have been encouraged countlessly from the successful vbac birth stories. I'm hoping to post my own soon!
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  • I am 31 weeks pregnant with a little boy. I am hoping to vbac naturally. My doctor is very optimistic, my csection was because DD was breech.
  • Here- had a VBAC in 2009! (Hospital, midwife assisted).
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  • Lurking!

    Happily planning for a VBAC in March and my doctor is 200% supportive. It helps that my first was a successful vaginal and my 2nd was emergency c-section due to cord prolapse (I was barely 4cm when we went to the OR). Doctor was so optimistic he basically assumed I was doing a VBAC and didn't think to actually ask until halfway through our first conversation. :-)

    DD- 11/17/08, DD- 11/16/09, DS- 3/20/13 
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  • I'm here and officially past my due date! I'm really hoping to VBAC in the next week.
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  • 16wks pregnant and hoping for a VBAC in May. DD was a c/s after a failed induction at 41w2d.

    TTC#1 for 19 months with PCOS and MFI IUI#3 + injectables = BFP!!!!  Beta#1-134(13dpiui) Beta #2-392(15dpiui) 
    #1 born December 2011
    TTC#2 - Beta #1 [email protected] Beta#2 -1353 @16dpo
    #2 born May 2013
    TTC # 3 June 2014 BFP 12-1-14
    #3 born August 2015 
    #4!!!!!!! due June 2017 
  • Had my VBAC on November 27th! I hang around here to help with answering questions....this board helped me a lot when I was originally looking into vbac.
    daughter born June 2011 via C-Section, son born November 2012 via VBAC
  • Hi!

    I am expecting my second baby, and this will be my first attempt at a VBAC (fx). I for sure want to learn more, and I am trying to educate myself as much as possible. With my first baby I was very ignorant to everything that had to do with birth, I trusted my physician too much ( a pretty crappy one WHICH I changed) and it ended me up with an early induction, a c-section, and a horrible post-op infection that separated me from my infant for 2 weeks! There went breastfeeding.  So here I am.

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  • I'm here, I'm 20w pregnant with my second and planning a VBAC.
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  • I'm here. I'm planning for a VBAC in July/August. 
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    Im here! Im currently 10 weeks and hoping to VBAC. I've yet to have my first appt with my midwife but I chose a practice and hospital that is very VBAC supportive.
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  • I had my VBAC this past September. I live in Italy and had a hospital birth. It was supposed to be MW attended but bc of precipitous labour and bradycardia, it ended up being assisted with vacuum extraction by an OB. But I'm totally ok with that! I still got my VBAC!
  • Im mostly a lurker but we just started ttc 2 and when the time comes I am really hoping for a vbac!
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  • I'm due with #2 in January.  Planning an unmedicated VBAC utilizing Hypnobabies in the hospital attended by a MW (informative sentence ;) ). 

    DS was a C/S after ~24hrs of labor for FTP.  I went into labor on my own at 41 weeks, but he was OP and I was only allowed to labor on my left side because his heart rate kept dropping once they started Pitocin.  I stalled out at 8cm for several hours and then they did the C/S.  The epidural (well... a few actually) didn't work last time anyway so I'm planning to forgo it and hoping to avoid a cascade of interventions this time!

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  • I'm new here, but have lurked a bit. I prepared and planned and hoped for an unmedicated vaginal birth with my son. Had a great midwife and great support. But I was very overdue, and we induced with a Foley bulb at the latest possible day we could . My cervix just did not cooperate, and we discovered I had low fluid. His heart rate dropped several times, and so began the cascade of interventions that ended in a CS 24 hours later. I really think we did all we could and I don't regret agreeing to go to surgery. It was terrifying in those moments where they couldn't find his heartbeat or it was very, very low and at that point, I just wanted a live baby, regardless of how he got here. But it was still devastating to miss out on a vaginal birth and the beautiful moments that I had been hoping for. I was angry at my body for not just DOING it and I was so sad for my son that he had to be born in a much more harsh, cold manner. We didn't get to do skin to skin until over 2 hours later :(

    We just found out a few weeks ago that we are pregnant again and we are very excited. Unfortunately, the two hospitals in my town have a "ban" against VBAC's. The larger city an hour away has a hospital that allows them, but I am not comfortable driving that far that often (driving anxiety from the accident that killed our son). We do have a really awesome OB here in town who is very supportive of VBAC's and has been lobbying for them for a while. So, I am going to get established with him and see what he suggests. I've heard rumors that they are close to lifting the ban, so I'm hopeful of my chances. In the end, I know they can't force me to have surgery.

  • I'm expecting a little girl in May. I had a c-section with DS b/c of failure to progress, but I fault my OB for talking me into induction, not letting me wait for epidural, etc. I switched Dr's and they are in favor of VBAC but don't like to let you go over 41 weeks without a "backup plan." I'll prob schedule a c-section for 41 weeks and see what baby decides to do. Happy to be here Smile

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  • I'm just someone who wants to learn more about VBAC.  I will probably be TTC within the next year sometime.

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  • I also am here praying for a VBAC! My first pregnancy, I was borderline pre-eclampsia so I was induced at 39 weeks, 2 doses of Cervadil and 2 days later, I was failing to progress and baby was in distress during every horrible contraction so the doc made the call to do an emergency C-section..Thank God because the cord was wrapped around her little neck 2x!  This time, I'm going to try for a VBAC..The doc said they won't really know until I am 36 weeks along to see if my cervix is 'friendly'. 
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  • Joining you ladies! I am not on TB much for the past year and a half after I left for an offboard during a mass exodus, but I still check in on the preemies board and was happy to see a VBAC board as well. 

    I am pregnant with my 2nd, due July 11, 2013, and hoping for a VBAC this time after an emergency c-section at 29w, 6d with my DD, Corrine. My OBGYN practice is on board with me trying as long as I go into labor on my own (they won't induce). They will let me go to 40 weeks before doing a RCS, but I was already told they doubt I will make it that far with my past history. Fingers crossed! 

  • I'm here!  Planning a VBAC with number 2!
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  • I'm "around" (mostly lurking here and posting on my BMB).  

    Just had my 2VBAC this past August.  

    And of course I think this board is completely awesome Yes

    ~Sweet Girl *8/18/08* c-section ~ Sweet Boy *12/2/10* VBAC ~ Sweet Boy *8/14/12* VBAC~ 


    VBAC Birth Story    2VBAC Birth Story  

  • I'm expecting baby #3, and hoping for a VBAC.  DS1 was a vaginal delivery, but DS2 was almost 1.5 lbs bigger, and he wouldn't come out!  His HR kept dropping with every push, so after 30 minutes of pushing and his HR dropping into the 40's, we went for the emergency c-section.

    My midwife practice thinks I'm a great candidate for a VBAC since I have a "proven system," but I just need to do everything I can to have a 7lb baby instead of a 9lb baby this time!




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  • Expecting 3!! I had a c/s with 1 because he was breech. Successful VBAC with 2 and hoping for a repeat!
  • I'm planning an HBAC! Also For those looking for HBAC or VBAC stories to be inspired. This is my friend Melek's HBA2C story. She is an amazing woman, and she says anyone looking to chat should contact her privately. https://blog.icanonline.org/2012/12/12/melekshba2cofevrenabel
  • I was just lurking because I wanted to see new pics of Iris and Gus. They're so cute.  

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  • I've been here lurking :) I'm 35 weeks pregnant with a boy and am hoping for a successful vbac! My dr is totally on board and things are looking good so far. His head is down and i'm at 1cm already! :)
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  • I am lurking but DD was breech and I had a cs almost 17 months ago.  I am really hoping for a VBAC and that this LO gets head down!  I went into labor with my first, so I am hoping that I am a good candidate as our doctors will not initiate labor with a VBAC
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  • I had my successful VBAC in September and am checking in now that I am, sadly, back at work.
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  • I am here. Just got a BFP a few days ago and hoping to VBAC with this one. My first was a planned natural hospital birth with midwife turned induction due to low fluid, thick meconium, baby's heart rate was flat, suspected big baby (9lb 8oz). My MW was under a lot of pressure from the attending OB and I ended up with a likely unnecessary c-section. I labored for 18 hours and got to 7 cm before they took me back for c-section with little explanation. 

    I am strongly considering an out of hospital birth for this one, or an OB with a great reputation among my ICAN group. I set up some appointments today so we will see!  

  • I'm just totally here because we're awesome :P

    I've had a VBAC and hope to have 1-2 more. But I'm not pregnant or currently TTC at the moment

  • I'm still here. Though not as much, now that I'm back to work.

    Had my VBAC in June.  We're undecided if there will be a third baby.  If so, it will be 2-3 years from now.

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