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Reaction of older sibling

I have been hanging out over at the special need boards, but have a question for over here too. Our sweet Alex passed away at 6 months, 4 1/2 years ago. At that time ds1 was a month shy of 3. He continued being happy and not super affected, however I feel like more of his emotions are coming out now. After Alex passed we adopted a boy from Korea, who was then diagnosed with special needs so lots of life revolves him and his therapy needs etc. I think it is all hitting ds1 now. Loosing a brother, adopting a brother, having a brother with SN.

He is weepy at night and talking about missing his brother all the time. We allow him to talk it out etc, but I fel like my heart is breaking all over again. Any others experienced this with older siblings?

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Re: Reaction of older sibling

  • I am so sorry for the loss of your Alex. Patricia was our first so I have no experience with older siblings, but I know some of the ladies on this board do and can understand what you may be experiencing with your son. Have you ever considered taking him to see a play therapist who specializes in child grief? I know there are several organizations in my area that offer groups and even camps for grieving children as well. Maybe you could ask your pedi or contact a local children's hospital for some resources?

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  • My boys talk about her at times and I caught my oldest talking to himself one day not long ago about how he wishes he had a baby sister. They do talk about her and when they hear someone with her name they'll say how much they miss her. Mine are older...they were 8,9,and 10 when we lost Bri last yr. I am sorry for the loss of your son Alex. You are more than welcome to come over here anytime.
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