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12 Weeks Pregnant

People think my fat is a bump!

I'm 12 weeks and not showing, but I did gain 5 pounds already. I was within the normal BMI range before pregnancy, but definitely on the curvy end. I can't wait for a real bump to appear because people keep looking at the extra pounds around my middle and saying they can tell I'm showing. Thanks, but that's just my fat! I know this because the baby is down by the pubic bone and the fat is up by my belly button. Anyone else feeling fat, not pregnant?

Re: People think my fat is a bump!

  • I have the same issue!! I am currently 12 weeks along and feel fat, not pregnant. The baby should be moving upwards already, so it could be a baby bump but I still feel blah!
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  • This is my 3rd baby and I look pregnant when I'm not. I have 20 lbs that I have gained from my first that is still on me and a pouchy belly. My first is almost 3 and my second just turned 1. I am always pregnant or nursing and just haven't worked very hard to lose the weight yet. I am nervous to go home because I know family will say I'm showing. Thanks, but that's just my belly fat Stick out tongue
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  • Getting dressed is a struggle now that a lot of my pants are too tight. Today, I finally found an outfit that made my stomach look flat and I was feeling good. That is, until an elderly coworker wandered by, pointed at my middle and started oohing. So depressing.
  • Luckily the uniform I wear for work navy camoflage has a pretty loose top, so while I definitely feel fat and dumpy and my pants are starting to get tight, no one else can really see it! I'm also 12 weeks, btw. Yay!
  • I can completely relate with you, I am just shy of 12 weeks and have felt so bloated and ... Well... Fat. I always have had the urge to drop a few pounds but have only gained 2 lbs during the first trimester. Not sure when my bump will actually start showing since I am on the curvier end. But It does feel weird not being able to fit in my jeans as comfortably.. Guess this comes with the territory! Feel better girls!
  • Definitely feeling the same. Lots of stress going on in my life aside from just the pregnancy so I've been lazy, exercising less, and eating worse. I work at Starbucks and get all the free drinks I want so that doesn't help either! I also have the problem of Falling asleep right after eating which does not help with the food digestion. I was overweight before getting pregnant and already self conscious so this is NOT helping!
  • I am trying to convince myself that my fat is a bump! I had lost almost 100lbs last few years and I am so paranoid to gain it all back! I've been so hungry though and feel like I'm eating all of the time! I too am 12 weeks and feel fat and bloated! It doesn't help that I had gained 10lbs right before my pregnancy and I think I am up at least 3lbs, not sure I will find out next week at my Dr's appt IndifferentSo it's not a bump?...  My stomach feels hard and I am not fitting into my clothes very well, been using my belly band since last week. 
  • Yes absolutely. I've always had a little belly pooch but fit n I gain about 5lbs too n all I can see is the belly fat not baby bump yet!
  • Yes, I have also gained about 5lbs already and people think I'm further along than 12 weeks.  Oh well.  :(
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  • Me too!  My mom keeps swearing I have a bump.  I'm 12 weeks tomorrow and I've gained around 5 pounds so far due to not having any morning sickness and just being hungry all the time.  I had a pooch before though so I really can't see a difference yet.  The other day my husband got all excited and asked "Is that a baby bump?!", thanks though.  haha.

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  • It's good to know that I'm not the only one not showing..I'm 11wks and 4 days pregnant..and don't look it at all. Ive actually lost some weight ! But my ob said that it's normal in the first trimester. Before I became pregnant I weighed 159 [I'm about 5'8 1/2] and now I weight about 161. I'm so ready to start getting a cute baby bump ! Also I am so anxious to find out what I'm having ! this is my first pregnancy, so all of this is new to me ! My ob thought
    Was strange that I wanted to find out the sex this early..but, who wouldn't be a little anxious ?! Good luck and congrats to all of the mommies to be on here 3
  • So glad to not be alone! I will be 12 weeks tomorrow and although I don't fit in my pants anymore, I still can't see a baby bump....hopefully soon it will pop up! Congrats to all the other soon to be moms! First time mom and so excited!
  • I'm so bloated from gas my stomach is huge! And I've lost 5 pounds this first trimester due to MS. But my pants don't fit anymore. Everything is just re-distributing.
  • i am pregnant with my fourth and i have def learned that from about week 10 until you are actually obviously pregnant around week 20, you basically just look and feel bloated and chubby.  It's that awkward stage where you aren't REALLY showing but your body is changing and you don't just look like you any more is such a difficult time because you are so excited to truly SHOW and mostly people just wonder if i'm gaining too much weight :)  i tend to wander towards nicer yoga pants that take the pressure off my tummy and how sick it feels and wear baby doll or empire tops that just kind of hide everything so it's not an issue....ugh

    At 12 weeks I find it funny that after I tell people I am pregnant they go "oh yeah that's why you've gained weight in your stomach" which makes me feel real good about myself! It stinks but yiou just have to work through it :( I have been working out daily and making sure I don't increase my calories just yet to not feel as bloated.

    You are definitely not alone!


  • That's exactly how I feel!! It's kind of uncomfortable when people start rubbing my belly because I know its Not the baby :/ lol. But then again I'm not sure because I've lost 8 pounds instead of gaining weight. It's just a lil bit wierd.
  • Same here! I am 12 weeks and everyone keeps saying "wow youre really popping out" or they cant believe Im showing already! I just lost over 30lbs last year so now it makes me feel awful that ive gained a few back and people think its my baby! If i lay on my back i can see my actual baby bump size which is small and not what everyone sees! I cant wait to feel/look
    pregnant and not just fat!
  • I've lost 25lbs since finding out I'm pregnant! I had just horrific morning sickness. I currently am 12w 4d, and slowly feeling better everyday!!! I feel incredibly skinny, and not fat at all!!! I have no baby bump yet, my uterus is tilted back... so I won't be showing for a long time!!! Even thou I am starting to eat more, I still keep losing weight, My doctor isn't worried... prolly cuz I was over weight to begin with!! I can not wait to start showing. The only thing that i'm super excited for is that I have already felt my baby move!!! It is the most incredible feeling ever!!!!!
  • It's funny, the past few days and literally only a moment ago I just said to my mom I don't feel pregnant I feel fat. I was 30 lbs overweight to begin with and I've gained about another 10. Which, of course, doesn't make me happy.

    But anyway, yes, my belly is floppy not firm so I don't think that I'm showing at all. Meanwhile, the only real symptom I have is breast soreness and my appetite is so low. Otherwise I don't really feel pregnant.

  • I have some extra weight too, but I let people think what they want. If they can't tell the difference then fine by me. I know it's not all baby, but I'm not letting anyone else know. Of course you know with bloating and lovely constipation some days I feel fatter than others, but I just embrace it. I say let people think what they want, and just love your changing body! Pregnancy is a beautiful thing :)
  • i've also been pretty lazy lately, and haven't exercised at all so far this whole pregnancy. i've only gained 2lbs throughout my pregnancy, and i'm going to be on 13 weeks tomorrow. also, i've noticed that my appetite is becoming less and less. for breakfast i can have a big meal, and be fine, but by dinner, i want food, but i take 2 bites and i'm done. i think it's just stress, but i'm worried cause i'm supposed to be gaining more weight!
  • Yes lol. This Is my third and I have a layer of fat from previous. I was normal BMI before too but not toned to my liking so yeah I'm not showing and I do feel fat and can't wait to be showing so people can know why I'm bloated with a five month old belly or day and flatter the next.
  • Everyone is different. Prior to getting pregnant, I trained for two marathons, and regularly worked out five or six days a week. I had a flat stomach and visible abdominal muscles! At twelve weeks pregnant, I definitely have a bump. We have not yet told family or friends, and thank goodness we are telling everyone this weekend. I truly can't hide it anymore! 
  • I've had the same problem since I first found out I was 4 and a half weeks pregnant, I've always had a tummy but now people are paying attention to it and I've even had people rub my belly and say aww you're showing! But I'm just as ready for the real bump to appear Smile
  • People are patting my belly already and saying hi to baby, but they are doing it in the same place they are looking at on you. I haven't told anyone yet that that is the fat that the baby just started shoving out and I have a barely there bump lower. So I feel ya. Lol. It just makes me more self conscious about an area I always tried to hide anyway. As far as my clothes. I have been losing weight for the last six months and when I got pregnant it was just about time to buy new pants, so I guess I will grow back into them Haha.
  • Yup same here!

    PS testing my siggy. I reduced the photo size and then removed it yet it is still showing up! wtf?

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  • I feel the same way! I'm also 12 weeks but I don't feel like I am at all. I just feel fat. I've only put on a couple pounds but whenever I put on any weight, it goes right to my stomach. I wear yoga pants the majority of the time because my jeans feel so uncomfortable. Anything feels uncomfortable unless its my yoga pants and sweatshirt. I can't wait to actually start showing so I can feel pregnant, not fat.
  • I had a lady ask me if I had a desk job...and then when I responded yes, she told me that it is "hard to stay active"....another person asked me if I was still running....which I am, just less often and less intense...and my mom laughed at my much larger breasts yesterday...yeah- feeling like a fatty...(I'm a curvy athlete...very muscular/lean legs, regular arms, big butt...and NOW, big boobs too!  :-P
  • It makes me feel so much better to hear others are having this issue.  I'm 12 weeks, and apparently I gained 4 pounds over the last 3 months.  I'm 5' 2" and weigh 140 now.  Everyone thinks I'm showing, but I know it's just the belly fat I had before (maybe pushed out a little more thanks to the growing or to being bloated).  This is my first pregnancy and I'm a little disappointed that I won't have those monthly pics that begin with a slim profile.  I think I have looked 3 months pregnant for the past two years.  I had been trying to lose some graduate school weight for a while and,  ironically, I was starting to lose weight before I found out I was pregnant.  I keep telling myself that maybe it means I won't get stretch marks so bad since my belly was never so tiny to begin with!
  • I'm in the same boat! Before being pregnant I was excersizing and dieting like crazy for summer, well I gained the wait back fairly fast since I upped my intake of bread! I feel fat not pregnant. But I am starting to see where the baby is. It feels a lot more dense than it did before I'm ten weeks so maybe you are showing!
  • Yes def feeling fat! im 12 weeks too! In fact, I looked 6 months pregnant before I even got pregnant. I am curvy too. Ive already gained more that 6 lbs & its showing everywhere especially my belly bc ive been eating everything in sight. i dread how big / uncomfortable I get. 
  • I totally get you. I'm in the same boat. I just want to show already and not feel fat...but pregnant! I thought I was the only one. I guess I over did it on the "eating for two" when I found out I was pregnant. But to my defense, this is my first maybe I can get away with it? LOL :)
  • Maybe I am just rationalizing here, but to me even though the baby isn't up that high, the belly bumping out *is* because of the baby.  Everything that used to be where the baby/growing uterus is now had to go somewhere ... which is up!

  • ooooh im right there too ladies! my mom keeps saying "oh look youre showing!" and im like uuuuh you remember i was chunky BEFORE i was prego, right? haha


  • I can completely relate with you, I am just shy of 12 weeks and have felt so bloated and ... Well... Fat. I always have had the urge to drop a few pounds but have only gained 2 lbs during the first trimester. Not sure when my bump will actually start showing since I am on the curvier end. But It does feel weird not being able to fit in my jeans as comfortably.. Guess this comes with the territory! Feel better girls!
    THIS. Ditto 100%
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