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So, DS is not even 4 months old, but if we don't give this kid a haircut, he is going to be a baby headbanger soon.

What's the best way to handle a haircut? Can I do it myself? He's not likely to sit still for a barber and it just seems like it's too early to get the whole photo-op cuteness of an official first haircut at this age.

And is there some OWT/bad omen about cutting baby's hair before 1 year?

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Re: haircuts?

  • Wow. 

    My DS didn't get his 1st haircut until he was 2!!

    No clue re: OWT or bad omens... but if you're comfy trimming it, go for it. Otherwise see if YOUR stylist will snip a bit during your next salon trip. Hold your DS on your lap. Should be fine.


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  • DS had his first haircut at around 11 months.  If I were you, I'd sit him in a bumpo seat, if he will sit there yet, then trim it yourself.  He trusts you, and will sit still for you better than he might a stranger coming at him.  GL, and I hope he keeps all this hair later in life!
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  • I have no idea as I make baldies. DS1 didn't get his one and only haircut til after he was 2.

    IDK about it being an OWT, but I had a friend who had a long haired baby and I still don't think she's had it cut despite the fact that he's DS1's age.

  • We got our son's first haircut at a local children's hair salon and it worked out really well. It was right before his first birthday. They specialized in kids' hair and had little stations like cars and fire trucks which they could sit in while the stylist cut their hair. They had lots of discount coupons too.
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  • wow Bennifer!  does LO really have enough hair for a trim? exciting!!!

    Post us a pic :-)

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  • I would not cut it yourself unless you are trained to do so or just triming the bang area near his eyes and even then, I would think carefully.  A first haircut is a first haircut regardless of age.  You can hold him on your lap for the hairstylest - I had to that with my younger DD for a long time before she felt OK about sitting in the chair alone.
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  • I dunno. I think I need a good pic of this hairy little critter before I pass judgement on how to handle the haircuts.

    Charlie just got his semi-annual buzz cut yesterday.  DH loves it short and spiky.  I love it long and shaggy.  Dad won this round.


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  • My sons were over 1 year old before they got haircuts only because I feel that they would probably not hold still.   I was more afraid of scissors being close to their head and it was more me than anything else.  They were really closer to 2.  The barber shop I took them to was very kid friendly and kept the boys amused.  As far as you are wondering how the pictures come out I think he will look adorable at his tender age no matter what his hair looks like.   
  • Let me see if I can figure out how to put a pic in a post or siggy - then you tell me what you think. But seriously, I can deal with the bangs/comb-over situation in the front, but his hair dovetails in the back and it's maybe an inch or more past the nape of his neck. He was born with a full head of hair, just like mommy.
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