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Postpartum Depression

Post- Zoloft weight loss?

Has anyone gotten off Zoloft for PPD/PPA and noticed a weight loss?  My DD is 16 months old now, and I've been on 50mg of Zoloft for just over a year now.  I feel like I'm ready to start weaning off (although still a bit scared that I'll start having panic attacks again).  I'm REALLY hoping that after coming off, I start losing more weight.  I lost the initial baby weight really quickly, and then gained it all back (15-20lbs) after being on the meds.  I started Weight Watchers recently, and it's been coming off slowly, and I'm hoping the loss picks up after stopping.  Anyone have inspirational stories, lol?

Re: Post- Zoloft weight loss?

  • I don't want to upset you at all and you might be opposite from me, but I actually weighed less when I was taking zoloft. This was before I got pregnant with #2. I still take a low dose of it while preg b/c of panic attacks and anxiety. 50mg should not make that much of a weight difference. If you were on 150 mg or something higher I would say it might be making you gain weight. Good luck and congrats on starting WW. It works if you stick with it!

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  • No clue if this will really help you or not, but I have been on meds two years now and I lost weight (I was actively trying).  Being on meds didn't seem to hurt my loss.  I'm starting to wean myself off the meds- taking 25 mg now and all I want to do is eat.  I'm an emotional, stress eater so I'm thinking I'll gain if I'm not careful.  
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