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Vitamins for babies? NMR

Just wondering if anyone gives their little ones vitamins...I find my boys seem to get sick easily...I watch my 2 nephews in our home at least once a week and they often have a cold or something from being at school so that may be a contributing factor...but I would like to somehow boost their immune system! Two babies with runny noses and cranky attitudes is not something I want to repeat all winter long! Any suggestions? 

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  • We give our babies Polyvisol but mainly because they were preemies and the NICU/ their pediatrician told us they need to be on it for awhile.

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  • I gave DD Polyvisol but mainly because she was breastfed and needed a little extra.  I'd double check with your pediatrician if they are formula fed.  I think formula usually has extra vitamins but I'm not sure.

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  • While breastfeeding our ped recommended polyvisol.

    Now I add Vit. D and baby probiotics to their bottles once a day.

    Ours have been in daycare only since mid-September, and have had a couple colds, pink eye, and one had a stomach virus. If they are around other kids, I don't think there is much you can do. I've just accepted this is going to be a rough winter for us.

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    We give our babies Polyvisol but mainly because they were preemies and the NICU/ their pediatrician told us they need to be on it for awhile.

    Same with us.  The NICU sent us home with some.  

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  • NICU and pedi have us on Poly Vi Sol with Iron.  I just started adding Bio Gaia (probiotics) to their bottles, too.  They are still on Neosure (for formula bottles and added to breast milk bottles to up the calories.)
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  • My boys were term, so the only vitamins they took were Vitamin D drops they were breast fed. Now that they are weaned our ped said as long as they are eating a balanced diet there is no need for vitamins.
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