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What happens at a cookie party?

I want to have one....but I've never been to one. How does this exchange work? Do you bake during the party? Or just bring already baked cookies and exchange?
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Re: What happens at a cookie party?

  • Usually you bring baked cookies and exchange them.  It depends on how well you know the gals.  Our make ahead meal group we exchange and leave, like 10-15 minutes.  Our Moms Club cookie exchange will be an all night social event.

  • I've never been, but my sister's stolen a few of my good recipes for them ;) 

    Usually you bake a specific number of cookies (i.e. a dozen per guest) and then swap your goodies, thus leaving w/the same number but now a mix of cookies that you didn't have to bake yourself! 

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  • I have been invited to 2, one of which involves baking at the party and the other you just bring 3 dozen cookies and you sample and vote ont he best ones at the party.  I think there are small prizes and everyone takes some of everyone else's cookies home

    I don't think there are any rules, just have it planned out how you want it to go. 

    ETA - both of the above scenarios involve wine and it's a social "mom's night out" kind of thing, but at someone's house

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  • I know that there are websites and whole books about them. I wanted to have one for DD and her friends last year but never got around to it. I found a website that explained everything.
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  • We had one every Christmas at a couple places I used to work. Everyone would bake about a dozen cookies for each person coming and has them separated into tins, decorative bags, boxes, whatever. Some real enthusiastic bakers did bars, cookies, no bakes, etc and had tins with a mix of everything they made, but still about a dozen treats per person. We would all meet at the boss' house for coffee, tea, snacks, and a chat. They were always pretty fun.
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  • My friend hosts one every year. You are asked to bake 8 dozen cookies and bring them. She has food and drinks. We play some Christmas trivia and then we do the swap. All of the cookies are put in a table in your container. First round everyone takes 2 of each cookie. The next round everyone takes one. I usually end up with enough cookies to put together five tins to give out or take to family Christmas. She also gives out prizes and makes a gift for everyone. I think there are over 20 of us who attend. She has it down to a science and it is something we all look forward to every year. 
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