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Delivery at Yale NH?


 I'm 27 weeks pregnant with twin boys and just looking to see if anyone has delivered at yale before, especially if you had a c-section (since that's a possibility for me) looking for info on your feelings about theNICU, staff,  treatment of the hubs, do the ybirthing balls/tubs? Any input would be appreciated!


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  • I was on bedrest, had an emergency c-section and unfortunately spent 4 months in the NICU at YNHH.  Despite the tough circumstances we had a great experience and I will be returning there if/when we have more children.  Please PM me if you have any specific questions.  
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  • Last year i went into preterm labor at29 wks. After two days of trying to stop my persistent daughter from coming...i was rushed for emergency c section. We both had a scary experience but we made it because i believe yale is great. I loved all my nursesthey were caring...and on top of things...they treated my hubby daughter had to stay in NICU for a month and i practically lived at the hospital...and i developed a relationship at the end of that exp. I def think Yale is best hospital to be at
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  • Loved the nurses we were assigned!  That's major because it's who you'll spend 95% of your time with.  I think I saw three OBs while I was there, each just for a few minutes until it was time to push.

    I had the room with the tub - it was a slow night.  While I did get in, the way the tub is designed, it's difficult to submerge your belly which to me was the whole point.  I never got back in it after that.   

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  • I'm due in 12 days 1/29/13 and am delivering at Yale. I'm crossing my fingers that my friend who works in L&D can get me e room with the tub if its avail. They have a great floor, nice, and recovery rooms. I've heard nothing but great and positive things about Yale vs the per hospitals that are more local to me.
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