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Hi guys. DD's bday party is next weekend.  I handed out invites over Thanksgiving break with a RSVP date on 12/2.  I haven't heard from anyone yet. The party is at a local jumpy place that I pay for per person, so I'd like to know how many will come.  I also need to order a cake, and want to plan for that too.  I really want all of DD's friends to would make me sad if no one did. What should I do?  Wait it out? Send some reminders at school?  Thanks for your ideas!

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  • Be patient.  They have almost a week left to RSVP.  If you needed a number sooner then you should have done a date earlier.  Sending a note if pretty pushy since you only gave the invite out a few days ago and some of them were probably busy with the holiday.  Sorry, not the answer you wanted. 
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  • People kinda suck at RSVPing.

    Can you email people?

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  • I'm going to wait until next week to figure something out.  We have another bday party this  weekend and i am thinking a few of her friends will be there and I can ask their parents.  It's more me worrying about no one coming then anything else. 
  • imageBrewtowngrl:
    Be patient. nbsp;They have almost a week left to RSVP. nbsp;If you needed a number sooner then you should have done a date earlier. nbsp;Sending a note if pretty pushynbsp;sincenbsp;you only gave the invite out a few days ago and some of them were probably busy with the holiday. nbsp;Sorry, not the answer you wanted.nbsp;

    I agree. I would contact them on the 2nd.

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  • You didn't leave people much notice, especially given that this is a busy time of year.  Also, you handed out the invites over a major holiday weekend, when people are prone to forget stuff like this.

    You gave people until 12/2 to RSVP.  Now you have to give them until 12/2 before you call them, but you can call all the guests who haven't RSVPd on that day.  If you needed more time between the RSVP date and the actual party, you needed to get the invites out a bit earlier. 

    If not many people show up, don't despair.  Your DD will still have a good time bouncing.  It'll still be a "good party" to her, if the guests sing "Happy Birthday" and she blows out candles. 

    For future parties, if she has a few close friends that you want to make sure can attend, it's okay to clear a date with their families first, then send out the invites. 

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  • OP - I realized I was late w/ my invites for DD's birthday party in a few weeks.  I had mentioned it to several moms, but I'm sure they (like me) have no memory anymore.  Anyway. ... I sent them all an email about a week before the actual invites went out - and gave them the date and time and told them full information would be on the invitation.  I got like 5 RSVPs just from that.
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  • Honestly this is for next time but if you want an early RSVP then put that date on the invite. I would not call anyone before the day after the RSVP. My only exception is any close friends of yours, for example my RSVP is something like 12/4 for my kids' party but when I talked to one friend yesterday birthdays were mentioned so I asked if they were all coming but I would never call a school friend.
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  • Since it is past the RSVP date, I would email the parents if you have the emails.  If not, I would hand out a copy of the invite or a note asking them to please RSVP either way as soon as possible.  I always include both an email and an cell number on the girls invites and find that 99% of people email. 
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