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Weekend Plans?

Some of you may already be enjoying your weekend but anything special going on?
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Re: Weekend Plans?

  • Fri: Trying to stay awake on one of our slowest days of the year...seriously we should close. I was going to take Ky to a tree lighting downtown tonight BUT my cousin and her family are leaving in the am so I would rather spend the evening with them. We are all going out to dinner then who knows.

    Sat: My aunt will still be in town so no idea what the plans might be. Tumbling is closed so even that is out. Maybe decorating for Christmas?

    Sun: Aunt still in town and I have requested we go do something otherwise I may sit around the house in my pjs and eat ice cream and cry as it is my anniversary.  My mom assured me she would not let that happen...

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  • Friday - I am working, but no idea what I am doing post work. It depends on what L, the kids, and ILs are doing. I sure hope that L gets a nap this afternoon since the 2x I talked to her today, she's been a super grump. Guess getting up at 3am doesn't agree with her. I am hoping they are going to the outlet because I need to go to the Talbots outlet to get something to wear for a a work event next week.

    Sat - ILs are leaving super early and then L is leaving to write. No idea what the kids and I are going to do. sadly, it is supposed to be really cold and windy. Boo. I need to work on addressing holiday cards.

    Sun - Kids need to do homework for next week and read. I need to rake more leaves which makes me sad since it is supposed to still be cold. Oh well. No other plans.

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  • Friday: nothing planned
    Saturday: nothing planned
    Sunday: nothing planned

     and it feels glorious!!!

    C also has Monday off, but I'll be teaching from 10am-2pm, but at least we get an extra sleep in together.


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