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Question about rocking and Autism.

First off hello, My name is Kara. Not sure where else to go to ask questions so I was hoping you ladies could help me out. 

I go to my neighbors house for about 30+ minutes twice a week to get their two older kids off to the bus and to watch their youngest (2 1/2) until the sitter arrives. I noticed that the younger one rocks about 90% of the time that I am there (unless we are outside and there is no where to sit). His rocking is not a soft rock. He more throws himself into the back of the couch and sings songs very loud while he is rocking. 

As their neighbor I am not sure what my place is and I am not sure if this is something I should even bring up to the parents. They have not mentioned anything to me about his behavior and I do not want to overstep my boundaries by asking. I was wondering what the right thing is to do. Should I ask them about his rocking or should I mind my own business and let them handle it. I do not want to offend them in any way but at the same time I do not want something to be overlooked in their child. I am also unsure if he is rocking out of boredom or if it is a sign of Autism or something else? 

Do you have any info on rocking and why he might be doing it? I have never seen a child his age do this before. 

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Re: Question about rocking and Autism.

  • I've been working with children with autism for 5 years and that could be a sign of autism. The best way to approach the issue is to just make a comment like, "I noticed the kid is rocking a lot is that typical for him?" or  "He seems to rock a lot when I come over could there be something I'm doing to upset him?" or "What do y'all do when his rocking?" You will have to approach the situation delicately because it may makes some parents mad or upset. Hopefully they're the kind of people that will make note of your concern or have already addressed this with a doctor.

     If he has autism is rocking to comfort himself or b/c it feels good. This is not typical to be doing it that often.

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