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Allen Presby VS Plano Presby


I'm not very far along but have already begun researching hospitals. I live in North Plano but am really closer to the Allen area. Has anyone given birth at Allen Presby or Plano Presby or knows someone who has so they can offer some help on choosing between the two?

 A friend of mine delivered at Allen about 2 years ago and she loved it. My sister in law is due to deliver at Plano in January. I know Allen is a lot smaller and lacks the level 3 NICU, but it's rated a 5 star "Baby friendly" hospital because of the efforts they make in bonding baby and mom immediately after birth, along with their excellent lactation specialists. So many things to think about... Again, any info or stories anyone can share would be greatly appreciated!!


Thank you in advance! =D 

Re: Allen Presby VS Plano Presby

  • I will be delivering at Plano Presby in May, my Dr only delivers at that location.  I think you can get a tour of both locations, even this early on.
  • A friend of mine delivered at Plano presby and loved it. They had many things to make it comfortable for her hubby as well.
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  • I delivered at Allen 3years ago and loved it!!! The food is really good.  The staff is very helpful.  I would go there again if I didn't live so far now.
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  • I think you're pretty good with any Texas Health hospital these days. I worked in Nicu/L&D at Plano a few years ago - they do a great job. I think you're fine to go wherever you think it's more convenient.
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  • Plano Presby is known for a high csection rate. Allen is usually much more mama and baby friendly!
  • To be fair: Plano's high c section rate has more to do with Women wanting to schedule their births than the docs pushing for c sections. I'm delivering there in January, and I'm looking forward to it: All the things I would have put on a birth plan (rooming in, Skin to skin, etc) they do as a matter of policy.
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  • imageaggieabbie02:
    Plano Presby is known for a high csection rate. Allen is usually much more mama and baby friendly!

    Also- the high c-section rate is probably tied to the number of high-risk deliveries (hence the NICU level). 

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