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thank you!

I have not posted about my situation on here, but I am going through something similar to other posts I've read. was with husband for 7 years and he cheated when I was 9 months pregnant and decided he regretted marriage, never had feelings for me, etc. My son is now 3 months old and I am learning to be a single mom and cope with loss of my relationship. My husband and I are separated and I am living 1500 miles away from him, but we have no legal agreements. He did not care that I left with his son, but I am worried what he will do if he changes his mind. Anyways, reading some of the other struggles, advice, and similar situations gave me more strength tonight than I've had in a long time. Strength that my son will be ok and that I will too. So thank you!
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Re: thank you!

  • It's definitely not an easy thing..and for me, sometimes the strength comes and goes. I've only been a single patent technically for six months when in reality it's been since I was five months pregnant. It's a difficult journey but I believe it's the most rewarding. Not many people can do it, just super moms!!
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  • My babys dad has been really indecisive on whether or not he wants to be around and finally decided he doesn't. I'm still pregnant! 5 months. So I have the same concern, what if he decides he wants to come take her once he knows shes here? Just try to start positive and start all the filing you can...divorce, child support, custody, because if you're trying to be productive for your LO it'll look better than your husband who isn't doing anything.
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