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rec your board games

besides the obvious ones like candy land, chutes and ladders, trouble, connect four, hungry hippos, I don't think she is old enough for operation yet...


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Re: rec your board games

  • It's not a board game but DD really loves to play UNO (we got the cards in a burger king kids meal)
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  • Memory, picture bingo, pinkalicious
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  • perfection-

    bed bugs


    Spot It


    guess who

    (I saw you are in Thorndale! I am right in KOP)

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  • Zimbos

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  • Orchard it is made by Haba
  • The kids love the Fancy Nancy game. It is not completely awful to sit through. We all love Sequence for kids. A big hit is the Richard Scarry Busy town Game. Trouble. And Parcheesi/
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  • Uno Moo and Barrel of Monkeys.

    I haven't really played with DS by the rules but he seems to like them.

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  • The Busy Town game, and the Busy Town Airport game. 

    Green Eggs & Ham Speedy Diner  

    I like all the ones above b/c they're collaborative and require teamwork.


    Cat in the Hat I Can Do That 

    Honey Bee Tree

    Pop Up Pirate 


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  • My DD favs are Pretty Pretty Princess(she loves playing this w/ DH), Pop the Pig, Life on the Farm(Kids addition), Lucky Ducky.

    She also loves UNO and Regular Dominos(She beats us all the time Smile )


  • We love any Haba games. We have Socken Zocken and Ear Tug and Orchard which are favorites. DS likes Uno and ISpy Goldfish. Blokus is a great game too.
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  • These don't technically count as board games, but DS loves Zingo and Rush Hour Jr.
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  • most were already listed, but I figured I'd give them an extra vote ;)

    the Richard Scarry Busy town Game
    Pop Up Pirate

    DD1 loves playing War.

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  • Super Why ABC and Memory (which my 2 y/o calls "The Remembering Game").
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  • Looping Louie is the BEST board game ever.  Every kid from ages 2 and up loves to play it.  It's easy, doesn't make a mess, and the most awesome part is that adults like the game too.  You'll have to order it off Amazon because it's not sold in stores.  But I'm telling you, it's worth it. 
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  • I had to look up that looping louie well if you want to spend $180 on the original from 1992 or for $32 you can get it in German on amazon.... Hehe. I guess it is no longer made.

    Anyway, we got a bunch of games for my kids for their third bday and dd  can do a lot of them but Ds still doesn't really have the focus or interest...but the two main favorites are zingo and busy town (though my kids are big busy town book and tv show fans also) .

  • DS' favorite game is Colorforms Silly Faces Stick-Ons Game. Everyone gets a blank face and takes turns spinning to see what part to stick on until someone has a complete face. 

    He also has ThinkFun Bug Trails and loves it. It's like Dominos except with "bugs" that have six colored legs to match instead of numbered sides.


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