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Sushi Addict

I've cut out my 6 diet cokes and 2 triple ventis and am fine with that.  I know I drink way too much caffeine.  And no more wine for now.  Okay, that sucks, but I'll survive.

But I eat sushi/sashimi at least 5 times a week.  I can cut it down, but I've heard that some types are okay to eat.  Anyone know what's "okay" to eat?  Give me something, girls...

Re: Sushi Addict

  • I'm not an addict, and I eat more rolls than anything. Now I just don't eat anything with raw fish - when I really craved it the other day, I got some that was tempura fried. So sad...I was at a place with a conveyor belt and watched all of my favorites just pass right on by...

    And this probably goes without saying, but make sure you're buying from a place you trust, especially if you do decide to eat raw stuff.

    Edit: I should add, I live in a place with a large Japanese population, and they consider sushi safe. I think they avoid the types of fish that tend to have higher mercury levels.

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  • My OB (with last pregnancy) said it is fine to eat....they eat it all the time in Japan while pregnant. Go to your regular place, if it looks good, smells good, it will be fine (also said the same thing for lunch meats, hotdogs etc). Just cut back maybe how often you go due to mercury levels. Enjoy... I know I will be!
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  • I haven't been out for sushi yet but if I can stomach it, I am gonna eat it.

  • I simply cannot believe you would ask such a thing.
  • OMG this post Makes me so HAPPY!!!!!! I was talking to DH the other night about how worried was that I would nto be able to eat sushi anymore and it is already a very speacial treat for me because we dont live in a place where it is available at all we have to travel! lol So now when I go into the city next week for my Dr. appt I will def splurge on some yummy goodness!!!



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  • My OB told me that if I am eating from a restaurant I trust that it's okay to eat it, just avoid the high mercury fishes. I ate sushi once a week though I did avoid it during my first tri.

    I, too, was a sushi lover but I totally lost my taste for it during pregnancy (I couldn't even LOOK at it without barfing) and it never came back. I still miss it but every time I try to eat it, it's just gross Crying

  • When I asked my Dr. about sushi she suggested I stick to the cooked stuff. But I guess some people do eat the raw and are fine - good to know! 

  • california rolls are ok, anything with smoked salmon is ok.. cooked fish is ok.. cooked eel or shrimp is ok. 

    some other rolls i can think of that are ok is the boston roll, philly roll, shrimp tempura roll, avocado roll.  

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  • DH has promised me a sushi date on Saturday and I'm thrilled. Love that man.

    I'll probably order shrimp tempura just because I've been craving it this week .

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  • Sushi has been my first real pregnancy craving. As long as it's not raw, and not fish that's high in mercury (you can look up which ones... but most sushi fish isn't) then it's fine. I've been having it twice or three times a week. :) Yum!!
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  • image SouthSideDrea:
    I eat sushi from restaurants I trust. And it's delicious.

  • image rpalen29:

    california rolls are ok, anything with smoked salmon is ok.. cooked fish is ok.. cooked eel or shrimp is ok. 

    some other rolls i can think of that are ok is the boston roll, philly roll, shrimp tempura roll, avocado roll.  

    For reals??? Drool. This makes me so excited!! I keep thinking - dang I wish I'd loaded up on a sushi fix before we found out we were expecting!! It had been 2 months since we'd had sushi - then BAM! knocked up and no more sushi! Thanks!! These are what I'm jonesing for!

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  • if you're avoiding raw fish you should generally avoided smoked salmon.  Not that you should either way.
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  • image CarolynL8:
    I personally wouidnt risk eating any raw sushi. Id stick to cooked rolls if i HAD to have some. Even if its a place you trust or a place you ate at a million times theres always a chance that a bad piece slips through. Obviously they wouldnt serve bad fish on purpose but id hate to see anyone sick especially pregnant. I had some shrimp stuffed with crab meat once !cooked! and i was NEVER so sick in my life. Headaches worse than anything ive ever felt, throwing up, stuff out the "other end". I barely slept that whole weekend. Everytime i almost dozed i was running to the bathroom! I could only imagine having bad raw fish PLUS being prego. IMO the risk isnt worth it to me. Obviously this is just my opinion and to each their own. I dont judge!! Typos... On iphone!

    The bolded just proves that you can get sick from anything, if it's not handled properly. Bad cooked fish is no better than bad raw fish. Just make sure you can trust what you're eating, and don't obsess over every little thing! If I'm craving sushi, I'm going to eat it. Also feta, and deli sandwiches, and medium steaks. 

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  • I still ate sushi during my last pregnancy at least once a week.  But I just ate veggie rolls and cooked rolls.  It still gave me my fix. 
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  • Happy dance, happy dance!  I'll cut it down, but not out.

    and to the ignorant and judgmental "lady" that said "I can't believe you would ask such a question", kiss my sashimi loving....

  • image SouthSideDrea:
    I eat sushi from restaurants I trust. And it's delicious.

    Exactly this.

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