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Testing after a FET?

How soon can you take a HPT after a FET cycle? I am debating whether or not I will even test before the first Beta since it's only 9DP my transfer (transfer is tomorrow).  We will be transferring a 5 day blast.  I tried googling but came up with a lot of different answers.  Just wondering what those of you have heard/done after a FET cycle?

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Re: Testing after a FET?

  • I've heard of others getting a positive 4dp5dt so 9 dpo. I chose not to test because I wanted to be pregnant or think I was as long as possible. Also, I didn't want to have the disappointment twice.

    GL tomorrow!!
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    I would wait.  Last time, I POAS before the beta and it was negative.  It was even harder getting bad news twice, but that was just me.  GL!
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  • I did and got a negative.  

    I was beating myself up for doing the eSET instead of transferring two and then I got a + BETA.  I tested  4dp6dt and got a negative and I tested 6dp6dt and got another negative.  My BETA was the next day 7dp6dt and it was positive.  I took a HPT that night and got a faint positive.  If you can handle the disappointment of a negative test then go for it.  If not then hold out for you BETA.



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