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Pediatrician Recs Please

I'm looking for recommendations for pediatricians in the Bothell/Mill Creek/Woodinville area, but I'd also be willing to go to Kirkland/Lynnwood for a great doc. We're having a baby boy at the end of Dec. that will need care. TIA!
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Re: Pediatrician Recs Please

  • So far, I really like my son's pediatrician. Dr. Luba at the Everett Clinic, Silver Lake.

  • I have yet to have a bad experience with Pediatric Associates.  I see an amazing doc in Redmond, but have seen others for unexpected visits and all have been great. 
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  • We see Dr. Ginsberg at Pediatric Associates in Totem Lake. If she isn't accepting new patients, we also like Dr. Baier and Dr. Bellarmino.

  • Thanks ladies, my doula mentioned Pediatric Associates as the only place she really knew of, but it makes me feel better that you guys use and like them.
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  • I have used Woodinville Pediatrics for my boys and love them!  We see Dr Sliman for our well visits but have seen others for sick visits/etc. We haven't seen anyone we didn't like there!
  • My best advice is DO INTERVIEWS! They're free, so why not? We didn't and didn't end up liking our ped. You're going to be seeing them a lot, especially in your baby's first year, so you want a good relationship. I'm going to a new one next week, but she gave me more information in just our interview than I've gotten from my ped at appointments that was useful and stuck with me. I love her so far, hopefully I still will after our appointment! Dr. Willet at Children's Clinic of South Snohomish County.
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  • Everett clinic silver lake dr cheryl beighle! We loved her but we moved.
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