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Moving to uptown Denver - need OB recs

Hi! My husband and I found a great little place in Uptown Denver and are moving in two weeks. I am 16 wks pregnant and need to find an OB here. I want someone who would be supportive of a natural birth if possible. I really prefer female OBs too.

We are only a few blocks from Exempla/ St. Joseph and St. Luke's Presbytarian (they are right next to each other...maybe they are related?)

 I would love to hear your doctor recommendation and also hospital recommendations as well.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Moving to uptown Denver - need OB recs

  • Try Central Ob-gyn 720 2877560, 1960 Ogden street; suite 580.
  • We LOVE Dr. Jennifer Guggenheim - Consultants in OBGYN off of 20th/High. 303.322.2240
  • There is an amazing natural birth friendly OB that works at Saint Josephs, her first name is Alex and I'll have to try to dig up her last name..she is AMAZING, she is a home birther from a family of home birthers so she is very wise and with-woman.
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  • metropolitan obgyn @ rose 303 320 8499

    Dr Lesley Bevan is great!

  • Dr. Susan Moison, at Consultantsin OBGYN. It's a wonderful office full of great doctors. Dr. Moison has been rated one of the top OBs in the Denver Metro area multiple years.
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