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Thinking about moving to Washington :)

Hey Bumpies.

A little intro: My SO and I are both 21, and expecting our first son in just a few short weeks! He is originally from Northern CA, and I am from Southern Ca. We both now live (temporarily, hopefully) in Southern CA. I just completed my final semester of school in July, and have been taking a pause on the job hunt as of late. Seeing as though I was 5ish months pregnant when I graduated college, I hadn't been having any luck with a job hunt.

I am now currently trying to pursue my career in travel, tourism & hospitality. We both really love Washingon, and wanted to ask fellow parents and/or parents-to-be:

  1. What is the cost of living in your neighborhood? (median income, housing costs, etc.)
  2. What are the demographics like in your neighborhood?
  3. (in your opinion) Where are the safest neighborhoods for a family?
  4. Have you made the move from out of state? From where? What was it like?
 Thanks for all your help, ladies!

Re: Thinking about moving to Washington :)

  • Hi,  

    I read your post and I too was from Southern Cali. I moved to Washington state 5 years ago and I never regreted it a bit despite the comments that people thought I was crazy to leave the sunshine state for the rainy state. 

    The cost of living here is about 3/4 less than Cali now. It was 1/2 five yers ago. Washington state has the highest minimum wage rate. In terms of housing, it's buyers market right now. You will get more for your money. Definetely will help when the price of gas is 50cents less than Cali.

    Nice places in Washington 45 minutes south of downtown seattle Olympia(hippie,eclectic and cheap) 40 min North tacoma, 35 min North federal way, 20minutes Renton highlands(my neck of the woods) Belevue, 15north of downtown Ballard, redmond.

     What i like about Washington is you get to see the change of season. The trees are beautiful during fallthe flowers are gourgeous during spring, winter we get snow but only stays for a couple of days.summers are just right not too hot .. It rains yes, but thats why we have evergreen trees and nit just eucalyptus trees and dry grass.

    good luck. Hope a bit of my info helps you. 

  • Hi ! I live in eastern Washington Moses lake ! It is very nice i wouldn't go anywhere else ! My town is a booming little city it is pretty safe I mean there is that rare thing that happens time to time but for the most part great amazing job opportunitys here we have ton of factory/ industry Jobs housing is quite cheap to live mortgage electrical wsg gas cost less then 1000 a month
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